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Post by ZaraD » Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:11 pm

One of my friends have a female Golden retriever who is the same age as Lara and they get on very well. Both dogs come from showline , but the Golden always gets tired before Lara and is also a lot calmer compared to Lara , so I spoke with one of my family members who have owned both breeds ( she's owned 7 goldens and 6 German shepherds in her life time and has one of each at the minute)

To ask her if she thought that Goldens are calmer than most GSD and she said yes in her experience Goldens are calmer than GSD , she said all hers have been showline for both breeds and the goldens have always been happy with 45min run in the morning and 45 Mon walk in the evening with massive amounts of play and mental stimulation between walks were the Germans need 2hrs a day if they don't get that hers became a little frustrated, she also said her GSD hate it if she misses a walk were the goldens are happy to miss the odd walk if she ill for excample. She said it's because goldens are easy going were easy going is a not a word I would describe a GSD.

She said that does not mean goldens are not active they are both are active breeds but goldens are more easygoing which makes them seem calmer. She said it's similar to how goldens and labs are very similar but people always say goldens are calmer compared to labs , and I remember reading on her that goldens are calmer than labs.

So my question is would you agree that on average Golden retrievers are calmer than German shepherds?

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Re: Calmer?

Post by Nettle » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:05 am

Your friend's dogs are calm because she is giving them plenty of mental work, sufficient physical exercise, and is probably feeding them sensibly. I know Goldens that are off-the-wall boisterous because their needs are not being met AND they haven't had proper training.

I also know working Goldens - there aren't many about - and they are almost a different breed. But their needs are also met, and the people I know who use them as gundogs are very dog-aware. No doubt if they were differently kept, they would be a handful as well.

Overall I'd say Goldens have an entirely different attitude from GSDs as they are bred for a completely different job, so it's a bit like comparing apples with oranges.
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