How do I prepare for a challenging breed?

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How do I prepare for a challenging breed?

Post by Lara575 » Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:33 am

OK so as you know I love GSD and decided to wait and am getting a Golden Retriever first to get hands on experience with walk , training, socialising a dog , handling the dog ect.

After the Golden maybe about 3-4 yrs after I got the Golden I was thinking of getting my GSD as my limit would be tow dogs . The way the GSD is in the sense of the back leg thing it will probably be a very long search to find a good breeder but I know there must be one out there.

now obviously the GSD and the Golden are tow very different breeds and on here GSD have always been described as a challenging breed because of the protective nature , there potential for nervous or aggressive behaviour. Being a more vocal breed ect.

How do I prepare myself for a challenging breed like the GSD when there are things I won't have encountered with the Golden that I will with the GSD.

I'm not in a position to volunteer and have already spent lots of time with GSD but that is not the same as haveing one in my house. I also could not foster because of the love I have for the GSD as I would not want to let the dog go even if it was the wrong GSD for me.

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