Scent hounds?

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Scent hounds?

Post by Houndlover » Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:13 am


Enquiring on behalf of my sister. Like me she LOVES hounds but were I love all hounds she seems to be drawn to the Scent hounds.

Her favourite is the Beagle. She's finding it hard to choose which Scent hound is for her. The main problem is with her being a first time owner , I told her that I'm waiting for a Basset until iv gained experience with the English Springer spaniel. But she's not as convinced that Scent hound are bad first dogs. I am sorry as know this gets asked a lot on here but my sister's circumstances are different to other members and really wanted to get advice from you all on here.

So the main question she wants to ask is which Scent hound could be the best breed for a newbie?

I just don't see the point in telling you her lifestyle if she already has a favourite scent hound.
The main issue she has with Beagle is there howling and its not her who would be bothered by it as she LOVES hearing hounds howl but her neighbours won't.

So instead of going into massive Detail as since as beagles are her favourite it's just the neighbours that she's worried about is it possible to teach the Beagle to not howl \ bark once she gives a que to be quiet or a que that that is enough.

She is aware that being scent hounds they are a vocal breed but can she train the Beagle to be a bit more quieter? And do you think beagles could be a good choice for newbies?


Re: Scent hounds?

Post by master2 » Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:55 am

I'm surprised you have not had a response yet.
Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along soon.

I live near a few beagles all different. Across the road own a male Beagle from Showline and he's gorgeous he was from a good breeder and has been trained really well by his owners and their first time owners they thought a medium dog would be eaiser to start with. He early barks to be honest sometimes if someone comes to the door but apart from that he never really barks.

Down the end of the street is a Showline breeder and she has about 5 in one house again they all seem laid back and easy going but they are active but they do seem easy going though they bark more as when one starts the rest join in.

Then there's another Beagle a couple of doors down who is from working line and is imported don't know were from but he look totally different from the other showline Beagles he never shuts up is always on the go and to be honest has not been trained very well.

I always thought scent hound were really hard to train but apparently from the breeder I live near she told me they Love food like how labs do so will do anything for hot dog or cheese :lol:
Hopefully Nettle or someone will come along soon to help.

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