What would your list be .

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What would your list be .

Post by Houndlover » Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:07 am


As I enjoy hearing what everyone on here says , I thought I would ask something iv wanted to ask for a while. one of the things in the dog world that gets said a lot is what breeds are good first dogs. I thought incase anyone else asks on here they coukd look at this post.

Vets have voted for the best breeds for first time owners but I want to hear from members on here what would be you top 10 list of breeds for newbies?

When I mean newbies I mean owner who may have no hands on experience but has researched dog behaviour and training and has read lots of books so let's assume this list is based on knowledgeable new owners?

Also a list for the average new owner would be good to.

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Re: What would your list be .

Post by JudyN » Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:57 pm

I don't think that that's a useful approach, to be honest, and it does all dogs a disservice to suggest that there are some you can buy/adopt and then everything will be sunshine and roses. You just need to honestly assess what you are capable of giving a dog, what you like and don't like in a dog, what you couldn't deal with, and then research, research, research. Consider the downsides of any potential dog and how/if you would cope with them. A greyhound could be the absolutely perfect first dog for some people but it is still essential to understand their nature and how they differ from other dogs - they could be completely unsuitable in certain situations.

Breed forums would be a good place to start - lurk on a forum, get a feel for the dogs' range of behaviours, and in particular look at the advice section. See what problems crop up again and again. Then, if you think you've found a good fit, ask on the forum, describing yourself and your expectations. But be wary of any responses along the lines of 'Of course this is the breed you should get! It's the best breed in the world and nobody in their right mind would want a different breed!' Pay more attention to the responses that almost seem to be trying to put you off - they're the ones who love their breed and wouldn't want a pup to end up in an unsuitable home.

Also beware of any forums that seem to go along with the ethos that you have to be 'pack leader' where numerous members use punishment-based training. They may very well have little understanding of what their breed is really like because of the way they are treating their dogs.
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