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Re: Giant breeds?

Post by ScarletSci » Tue May 31, 2016 8:01 am

Theo400 wrote:I think large dogs are easier than small to be honest as your more likely going to not treat a big dog like a toy like so many small dogs get treated.

Large breeds aren't as bad as some of you are making out. There is NO such thing as a first dog just first owner and life is to short you should get what breed you love the breed you would commit all you engery into training and socialisation.
See, this is why I find these conversations so frustrating. No one, and I repeat... NO ONE, said that large or giant breeds are bad. Or even impossible for a dedicated first time owner. Just that, as Erica explained far more eloquently, some dogs are easier to handle than others. Some have genetic traits towards independence and difficultly to train, some are prone to being incredibly laid back. Some will go mad without the right amount of input and 'work', yet are also sensitive. Border collies for example. Although not large, collies need a certain type of owner, and experience makes the choice much easier to manage.

I've also seen Nettle advise people against certain 'worky' terriers, because a dog that driven wouldn't suit that persons desires, wishlist, or lifestyle. Because you're making a huge commitment, for the lifetime of that dog. Personally, I'd adore a husky. They are absolutely stunning dogs, I can watch them vocalise on youtube videos all day, and I'm an experienced dog owner who's very dedicated. But... I have to admit to myself that their tendencies in temperment don't suit me, and they wouldn't fit my lifestyle properly. I couldn't give that dog the very best life it deserves. So I take my 'wishes' out of it, and look at the bigger picture.

NO ONE is saying don't get the dog of your dreams. Or to never get a large breed as a first dog. There are also many ways of getting experience without committing to buying a dog first, such as dog walking, helping in shelters, reading places like this and books, watching some dog training classes, meeting breeders, spending time with friends with dogs, watching dogs interact at the park! The list goes on and on.

But there ARE pros and cons to any breed, and to dog ownership itself. Facing up to those and really looking at why you want a particular breed, what you want to do with the dog, what the dog will want to do, and what you can realistically manage, is not only crucial, it's the only responsible thing to do when preparing to take guardianship of a sentient being. Remember that every single episode of it's me or the dog features people who are on the verge of losing their relationships because they took on a dog they didn't know how to care for or train, or wasn't right for their family. Meaning well and loving the dog are only a part of being a good dog owner, and we're not being down on a particular breed, OR on inexperienced owners, by urging them to really consider their choices and lifestyles. We're, individually, giving our time, energy and experience, for free, to try to help people who are having problems, or, like you, are trying to decide on a breed. You're free to take it or leave it, but I disagree strongly with the sentiment that people should just get "whatever they want", if what they want is a Border Collie to live in a flat while they work all day and it only gets walked once a week. That would be cruel. I also think it's deeply unfair to summerise these thought out posts people are making as "big breeds aren't as bad as you're making out", when the advice was far more complex.


Re: Giant breeds?

Post by Lara575 » Tue May 31, 2016 9:02 am

Well said Scarletsci. I understand what Erica and you are saying. I have watched dogs in parks, watch as many videos as I can and have read a dozen books.

What Erica was saying about genetics is exactly why I decided against my GSD as my first dog no matter how much I love them like you love huskies.

This is why I was asking for everyone help for my neighbour as I don't want her to make a mistake and be heartbroken.

Were Erica was saying about friendlier breeds like she mentioned the Cavalier, can anyone tell me of any breeds who match my neighbour who are medium to large (lab size) in size. Who match her. You can find her likes and dislikes in an earlier post.


Re: Giant breeds?

Post by Lara575 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:57 pm

Just wanted you all to know she Decided on the Golden Retriever.

Thank you to everyone who helped. :D

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