Very close but not quite

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Very close but not quite

Post by Christmas » Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:23 pm


I decided that a dog was for me a few yrs back but never looked at breeds until I was ready. Last year I was ready to search for a breed but it is not easy with the 300+ breeds to choose from. Long story short I finally got it down to either a Labrador or Italian spinion.

I am fine with drool and grooming of the spinion and am aware labs can be like a bull in a China shop :lol: for the first 2\3 yrs and then mellow out as adults. I can provide 1x 50 min walk and 1x40 min walk total 90 mins a day plus lots of play session and mental exercise. I have a very good trainer in my town who has worked with Victoria and has lots of experience with helping aggressive, fearful, under socialised dogs and dog who have certain behaviour problems or training needs like pulling, barking, jumping up, humping ect.

I went to crufts on Friday to meet them in person with it being gundog day and it made things worse as I fell in love with both even more so I thought I should ask on here.

I thought I should start by telling you what I already know about both and why I chose them.

Labrador- comes from Canada (Newfoundland I think) but as they already had a dog named newfoundland they named him after the sea he worked in Labrador. They can reach up to 58cm in height are eager to please and easy to train but are very active and love exercise and food they also love water. They go from hyper puppies to laid back adults. This is what I learned about the lab.

IS- they come from Italy they are an HPR breed and are easy to train, mellow and love there people. I have read they are calmer than labs, grooming is more than a lab but am fine with this and the drool dose not bother me, they can reach up to 70cm in height. That's all I know as there is not much info out there on them. I also am fine with shedding from either and doggy odour is fine ( I read that spinion have a strong doggy odour) I live alone have no plans for motherhood and I work from home.

I wanted to ask if anyone could tell me the differences between the tow and to compare things like training, living differences and there breed quirk's?

Many thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing from you All. :D

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