need advice please

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please choose one

A/ Rough Collie
B/ German Shepherd Dog
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need advice please

Post by giantschnauzerlover » Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:44 am

Hello to you all.

after having help choosing a Giant Schnauzer, I then thought maybe you could all give an outside view on a breed problem my mom and sister are having. so I have created this into a poll so you can pick which breed you would choose based on the info here.

so when my sister (she's 22) brought her own house she made sure our mom could live with her as my mom (in middle 50's) is suffering with arthritis in both knees , hands, neck and shoulder. my mom can walk and is active I want to stress that. they have lived together for the past 4yrs and after a year of living together they both decided they wanted a dog. my mom has always wanted a dog but when we were young she was to busy raising us and then when we got older she was diagnosed with arthritis so she waited until she knew how bad it was and what the doctors would say. so in 2012 when she had all the tests done and was happy in her new home with my sister she asked the doctor about having a dog and he said he was not the best person to ask but regarding her condition a dog should be fine just don't get a dog as strong or lively as a Labrador. so they read both of Victoria's books and after reading about , body langue, behaviour and training they decided they can both handle a dog but the problem came when they were deciding on a breed they went to crufts in 2013 and when they came out my mom had 3 breeds that she liked and my sister 1 so they looked at all breeds my moms were the Shih Tzu , Basset Hound, Rough Collie and my sister' one was the German shepherd. so my sister said to my mom that the basset and shih Tzu are out as she dose not want a small dog so my mom was fine with that. so it was between the RC and the GSD. after reading both breeds my mom said she preferred the RC as there not a strong and lively as the GSD and she worries she wont be able to cope with a GSD As she read that RC are calmer than most dogs there size and they don't need a great deal of exercise about an our a day and that they are happy doing what there owner is doing, were with the GSD she read that they need 2hrs a day of exercise and that they need to ideally be working as they can get bored easily and need to be out and about and just the size of the GSD she worries about. my sister is at work all day and it would be my mom doing everything while my sister is out. my sister will still walk the dog in the morning and more at weekends and she plans to train, feed, play etc.

which one do you think they should get they keep settling on the RC and as soon as my sister see's a GSD she persuades my mom to choose that breed until my mom's worries and doubt come back and they choose a RC. I have already told them both that an RC would be better for my mom and have read what some people have said about them on this forum and I remember reading that mum24dog said that they are quit boring dogs and not very lively. which is great for my mom. I should also add they are not interested in any other breed or cross.

please choose one as this might help my sister a lot at sticking to one of them.

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Re: need advice please

Post by JudyN » Tue Dec 29, 2015 4:26 am

Based on my limited experience of both breeds I would personally go for the rough collie. One I knew was a very steady dog who didn't need much exercise/mental stimulation, though the other one had a few issues (like not liking people sneezing). The GSDs I've known have been more sensitive and stressy and could be snappy when anxious.

It would be much better if your sister could commit to 2 walks a day than one as it will help the dog be calm the rest of the time, and your mum should be prepared to keep the dog mentally occupied during the day. Sure, some RCs can manage with a lot less but they need to be prepared in case the dog hasn't read the bit that says it needs one hour-long walk a day :wink:

Much depends on the individual dog. A GSD with a good temperament would be better than a rough collie with a few 'quirks'. Would they be getting a puppy or adult? If a puppy, they will need to meet the mother (and ideally the father) and talking to the breeder about their personalities, and to what extent they will be socialising the pups (bear in mind not all breeders are honest about their dogs' temperament).

Another thing to consider is the consequences if the dog jumped up on your mother and knocked her over - if this is likely to be a problem a small dog would be a much better choice, regardless of your sister's preferences.
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Re: need advice please

Post by Nettle » Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:05 am

JudyN has pretty much said it. I have to add that I agree if it is GSD or RC, RC is the dog by a country mile - GSD is no dog for your mother's circumstances. Choose the litter carefully and be aware of health and temperament issues. Also grooming is going to be a big task - are sis/mother up to it or will they commit to a groomer's costs?

And really as JudyN says, two walks a day is more realistic. It's a pity your sis has overruled your mother's preferences when a smaller dog would be a far better choice. Your mother has waited all her life for a dog and now your sister is telling her what dog to have. But whatever dog your mother has, two walks a day are necessary.
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Re: need advice please

Post by giantschnauzerlover » Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:27 am


thank you for your advice. I did forget to mention that the dog will be getting tow walks a day 40-45mins with my sister and 30-40mins with my mom as she thinks walking will help her arthritis and the doctor agreed so the dog will get tow walks a day and my sister is fine if she has to walk the dog twice if our mom does not feel well. I also forgot that another reason my mom also agreed to a large dog like the RC is that she did trip up over a small dog so we decide a large would be better.

Many thanks for your advice. and I think it will be a puppy.

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