Miniture Schanuzer information

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Miniture Schanuzer information

Post by ridgebackowner » Sun Oct 25, 2015 4:32 am

Hi Everyone

my mom lost her Lhasa Apso a year ago when she was 16yrs old and died of old age she was a very healthy dog and also my moms first dog she is now ready after a year to get another dog but want to remain small but does not want another Lhasa so she was looking at all small dog breeds and only liked the Mini Schnauzer and she has read about them and has met them in person but there is only one thing that keeps cropping up and that's that they bark no matter what. so I wanted to ask can she train h=a mini to not bark or is it a trait of the breed. from what I have read they are very easy to train so I thought it will just be one of those things that she just has to nip in the bud from puppyhood.

what do you think of the mini schnauzer :)

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Re: Miniture Schanuzer information

Post by Nettle » Sun Oct 25, 2015 6:25 am

They are clever little dogs, bright and fun. They do like the sound of their own voices, but that can be controlled by teaching the dog a number of barks is acceptable, but not going on and on about it. For instance, my dogs are allowed four barks, then thanked for letting me know.

If silence is an imperative, or Mother is going to need help with training and exercise (they do need an active lifestyle) possibly not quite the right breed. For sure they are much less calm by nature than a Lhasa, and your Mother's dog had been a long time old, so any young dog is going to seem very lively indeed compared to the last 8 years.
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