feel like giving up

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feel like giving up

Post by Theo400 » Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:47 am

Hi to all positively members

I firstly want to say sorry for a very long post but so much has happened and I would be really greatful if you would read all of it to get a good picture of what's going on.

its been nearly a month since I was on last and a lot has happened in my last post I nearly rehomed a dal puppy but that did not work out and I was thinking of the mini schnauzer but after visiting a local breeder to talk about the breed and I took one for a walk and I decided they were not for me.

anyway on September the 18th my sister turned up at my house and a long story short she has split up with her husband as he was cheating. the house is in his name so she has no were to go and is not so keen on living on her own and either am I since I lost Theo. so I said she can stay here. since then we have decided to buy a house together as since as we have always been like best friends. having my sister with me has been great as I am not in a rush to get another dog so quick any more. before we brought a house I did tell her that I really would like to get another dog and she was fine with that and I did say GSD as I think I am better just getting another GSD as its the breed I love and even when I was walking the mini I kept picturing a GSD.

so last week we moved into our new house its gone so quick for me and I am still getting my head around it. I was talking with my sister on Saturday about getting a dog in the future having her here I am happy to wait (she has told me it wont be until 2017/18) as were are getting the house ready. however we had our first row on Saturday as when we were talking about the GSD I was telling her what they are like but I could just feel she was not listening to me and then she drops the bombshell that she is scared of them and that she was always scared of Theo. which I was so shocked about. I asked her why but she said that as a kid she was bit twice by her friends GSD and then also what the media say about them attack children and other people and also the fact that they are police dogs that they must be aggressive dogs who will bite or attack. I tried telling her that any breed can attack (she seems to think that golden retrievers are they only safe breed) even Goldie's and that it all comes down to how the dog is raised and looked after and that the media only ever tells you half a story not the whole picture. she did not believe me and is still scared of GSD. she wont even see my mom unless she puts the GSD's away. now I understand and respect what my sister is saying but I just wish there was something I could do to make her see that they are not aggressive.

in the end she said that if I want a dog it has to be one that she will like as well. which I get and I agree with her but she only wants a dog who is either a spaniel or a retriever my problem with this is I prefer dogs who are reserved with strangers and retrievers and spaniels are not like that I mean labs and Goldie's love everyone. I am not really a sociable person with people dogs Im fine as I prefer canine company that human. so she said well do you want a dog or not and I said yes so she won the argument and we decided on the Goldie. but all Sunday and Monday and today im just not settled with the Goldie I like them but is just the fact they love everyone which is what I don't like. I know I really want my GSD and its not because of Theo its because I have always and always will love the breed. so I stuck on what to do as I really want to get a dog in a couple of years time, my mom said why don't you move out but I cant as we have a joint mortgage on the house I owe half and so does she and I cant afford to pay my half off. plus I will be doing everything as I am at home all day as she is at work all day so I will be taking the GSD for 2-3 walks a day and feeding and most of the training. all Jenny said she will do is train, play, cuddle the dog everything else is up to me. and that even with a Goldie

what advice can you give me. is there any way of telling my sister GSD are not aggressive (she is not interested in visiting a breeder to meet dogs or going to a GSD rescue as I have already tried this and she will not go) or should I just forget having another shepherd and go with what she is happy with just so that I can have a dog.

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Re: feel like giving up

Post by Nettle » Tue Oct 06, 2015 11:28 am

I think you should avoid getting so much as a gerbil until you have lived together for a year.

Life changes rapidly, and one or other of you may undergo a complete life change in that time. For sure you will have shaken down your already good relationship and each I hope become more tolerant. Then you can revisit the dog option.
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