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Post by master2 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:39 am


I am trying to help my friend choose the right breed for her. and as I know how important it is to find the right breed (with me now having Sherlock who I shall me taking photos of tomorrow) I want to make sure she chooses wisely.

anyhow she was happy with the Goldie but she was reading on this Goldie forum http://www.goldenretrieverforum.com/gol ... group.html about mouthing in Goldie pups and she was confused as she knows that all puppies mouth and she is fine with that but some people on the Goldie forum were saying they are still having problems with mouthing when the puppy is over 1year. she also asked her local dog trainer who said Goldie's and labs are prone to still mouth and bite when adult as they were bred to have something in there mouths.

she understand that puppies mouth which she is fine with and is fine to handle the trying times of puppyhood but is not very keen on having and adult dog who continues to mouth so she asked me is it true that some puppies are easier than others? which I had no idea how to answer so thought I would ask here, also are there any large - medium dog breeds that stop mouthing when adult.

also she can only handle the grooming needs of the Goldie so anymore grooming than this would be a no. she is ok with drooling, smelt dog odour, a dog who is easy to train, she is not to bother about barking as she knows you can train a dog to not bark, she dose not want a high energy dog like a border collie , no more energy than a Goldie.

she is open to small dog breeds as well. she lives with her mom who is also excited and on bored with getting a dog she did choose the Goldie as she thought they would be the best choice for her mom as well as her as her mom suffers with very bad Arthritis she has it in her feet, Ankles, arms , hands, legs, knees , neck, shoulder. I was not so sure when she said Goldie to be honest Because of her mom she is in a lot of pain , she walks ok but is just in a lot of pain. I thought a smaller dog might be better but am not sure. I know she loves all breeds even the hairless ones she just want to get it right for her mom with her moms mobility issues.

what would you suggest.

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Re: puppies?

Post by Suzette » Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:06 pm

I have had a golden retriever, and yes, they are mouthy, but mine was not more mouthy than my sheltie or my corgi was as a puppy. I taught her not to mouth me, the same as the others, by diverting her mouth onto toys and by leaving the room if she persisted in mouthing me.

Golden's are retrievers and are designed to carry things around in their mouths. Mine was rarely seen without her beloved tennis ball in her mouth, even when dozing sometimes! :D

I would not rule them out because of this. They are very smart and learn fast. Train as you would any puppy of any breed to not be mouthy and you will have an amazing, well-behaved companion for years. :D
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Re: puppies?

Post by Nettle » Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:55 am

A year old is still a puppy for any breed, and Goldies are slow to mature. Some say they never do! :lol: Any breed can mouth excessively, though retriever types are more likely to.

I am concerned about her mother, though. I don't think a boisterous puppy is going to be good for her. How about your friend gets a middle-aged Goldie from a good background, or even a retiring assistance dog? Some retire quite young, and not all owners can keep them.
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