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Rough collie Help

Post by Theo400 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 1:34 pm

Hi to you all

I am feeling a lot better now and am coming to terms with Theo's loss. I have decided to get another dog but am waiting until at least 2017 before bring one home but have kept myself busy with choosing a breed.

at first I thought of not having a shepherd again and my moms GSD and made my mind up for me and Wont be having another GSD and can see what Erica was saying in another post on here by master2 that not all GSD are easy and I was defiantly lucky that Theo was easier than most GSD's.

however I know I don't want a small or medium dog and was looking at the gundog group but I only like the lab but after spending sometime with them in the flesh both show and working I think there to bouncy for me. so then was looking at the herding group and the only one that stood out to me that I like is the Rough Collie, which I was going to bring home eailer this year but Theo did not get on with them so I did not get one. when I researched on the Rough everything seems like what I want and have spent some time with them walking them and playing etc.. and the breeder who I spoke said that collies only need about 1hr of exercise a day and are a lot calmer compared to a lab?

I wanted to know if anyone has experience of Rough collies and is it true they are calmer than a lab.

thank you to all all members for your support with Theo.

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Re: Rough collie Help

Post by JudyN » Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:48 pm

There was some information on rough collies given back in May, when you were thinking of getting a rough collie: ... 8&p=145623 Someone might have something further to add though.

I'd start looking at and contacting different breeders now, explaining that you want to wait till 2017 but that you want to be as prepared as possible. A good breeder may well be happy for you to meet their dogs now and talk at length about whether they think their dogs would be a good match for you.
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Re: Rough collie Help

Post by master2 » Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:53 am


I have worked with Rough collies at the Rspca both collies I have worked with have been a lot calmer when you compare to a lab.

there not 100% calm and are still a very active breed but do seem to be calmer when you compare with the Labrador.

one of the collies was rehomed to a woman who already had owned over 30 in her life so far and had 2 at the time and she said that what she loves about them is they tend to be very calm or lazy indoors/ in the house and then full of energy outside.

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Re: Rough collie Help

Post by Theo400 » Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:15 am


thank you JudyN and Master2 for the info, I have been reading a book that said collies bark at everything and never stop bark and that they bark all the time every 10mins something sets them off like a car door closing and some just bark for no reason. I wanted to ask is this true is this a trait in the breed or is it possible to train a rough collie to not bark all the time as Theo only barked when someone was at the door or if something was wrong can I teach a collie to be like that.

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Re: Rough collie Help

Post by mum24dog » Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:46 pm

We've lived in this house with the same neighbours for 27 years and they are on their 3rd RC in that time. The first 2 died at 8 of cancer which is common in the breed. This one is bucking the trend at 12. By my standards all have been pretty boring dogs but some people don't want lively and intelligent.
Forget Lassie. If you want a sedate house dog and like grooming they may be the breed for you. But be prepared for quirks like not wanting to walking on certain surfaces.
I wouldn't say they were noisy though, that's Shelties

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