Husky and Aussie/lab amount of exercise?

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Husky and Aussie/lab amount of exercise?

Post by sandyago » Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:09 pm

As you can probably guess, exercise is really key with both of these dogs. Currently, we are spending about 2.5-3 hours a day at the dog park divided up among three visits to help the Husky with potty training (she won't go on a leash. Posted in training.). Before the Husky, our Aussie/lab had a 1.5 -2 miles morning walk, an hour plus at the beach or dog island in the afternoons (about 3 miles of swimming, playing with friends, running, and playing ball), and then a last walk of the night of about half a mile to sniff and pee. I am hoping to get the Husky on the same schedule over time as I know she needs more training before having the freedom of the beach. I know this amount of exercise works for my aussie lab and makes him super mellow. Like so mellow people can't believe he is part Aussie. The three park trips a day are leaving the Husky exhausted in the best way a 1 year old dog can be. But once I am able to switch over to leashed walks, will these amounts of time and distance be enough for the Husky?


Re: Husky and Aussie/lab amount of exercise?

Post by Theo400 » Tue Jun 16, 2015 4:19 pm


they are both high energy dogs. when it is right you could start the husky on the schedule you already have in place and see if that is good for the husky all I can say regarding a husky is that they were bred to pull sleds and work all day so need physical as well as mental exercise. as long as you give at least tow hours a day I think you should be fine sometimes it the quality not the quantity. rember they were bred to run so would defiantly ley your husky run for a while maybe playing with her.

here are a few links on the husky

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