German Shepherd owners and Nettle , advice please

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German Shepherd owners and Nettle , advice please

Post by master2 » Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:37 pm


so as some of you will know from my pervious post I have not had a lot of luck in finding my four legged friend. 1st I was going to get German shepherd but said no to the breeder as I sussed she was a bad breeder and in it for the money so said no. then in feb 2015 I rescued a Lhasa Apso puppy (14week old) but it did not turn out right as she bit me bad and did not seem to listen to me or be happy around me.

Anyway after what happened with the apso I was thinking were did it go wrong as I had waited so long for a dog of my own and have read loads of books including Victoria's 3 times and spending time at rescue centres and training class's , and was thinking what could I have possibly have done wrong for her to react to me like that. I don't know whether this is it but is the only thing I can think of now please for the rest of what I am going to tell you please don't say im stupid or am weird but I think the answer lies with the German shepherd as I was at the vets earlier that day and she was fine but in the waiting room there was a German shepherd he/she looked about 4-6 months (you could tell he/she was still growing) and I very nearly asked if the owner wanted to swap dogs and I know your all gonna bite my head off for that but I have to be truthful I had never experienced this feeling before I just did not want her anymore and wanted to walk out of there with the shepherd I know that's awful but was wondering could she have sensed how I felt about the German shepherd ?

I know I will sound weird but I honestly don't care I do really love the German shepherd every time I see one I light up in side and can feel the love I have for them its like how I feel when I see my mom she makes me feel warm, safe and happy that's how I feel about the shepherd and NO other breed has done this. I went to crufts this year and went around discover dogs and not one breed made me feel like that until I went round to the German Shepherd stand and I felt like time had stop and I was in slow motion I know that will properly sound weird but its the best way to describe it.

the reason I am posting is to get advice as im torn and have been driving my self insane trying to figure if I should get a GSD or not. as you can see how much I love them and how I feel and it just in this previous post ... 1&start=15 I got confused on whether a shepherd is a good first dog or not which led me to not get the shepherd. I had very good advice from Nettle. I want to get it right this time and I want your thoughts on if I do go to training class's , socialize my GSD very well and give him lots of mental stimulation and exercise and of course lots of love and attention could they be a good chose for a fist time owner? all I get told from owners in the street is that they will challenge me for ownership and are headstrong? I also got the impression in the previous post that they are headstrong as well as I was told that labs are much easier than GSD how I would like someone to really explain to me how is the Labrador easier than a shepherd. as im worried if I felt like that with the apso what if feel like that with the Labrador or any breed I get that is not a shepherd?

were crufts told me that if I put all the hard work in I will be rewarded x10 over and that for someone who is willing to do all the hard work they are no more hard or easy than any other dog.

I would be very greatful for any help or advice.

Many thanks

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Re: German Shepherd owners and Nettle , advice please

Post by Nettle » Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:32 am

We can't advise you because we do not know you, and we don't know what happened when your lhasa puppy bit you.

Regarding the labrador/GSD training query - it's all about the job the dogs are bred to do.

Labradors are retrievers and bred to work with the gun, retrieving shot game under close control, often among other similar dogs. In days gone by, they originally worked on boats, and have retained their love of water. Everything about the labrador says mild manners and co-operation, plus a love of people and tolerance of other dogs.

GSDs have been a guarding breed since forever. Despite their modern name, seeing one doing sheep work is rare. When they did, they were very much patrolling flock guards rather than herders in the sense border collies are. They have the instinct to guard against people or animals, and so have the potential to be antagonistic towards both if not properly trained and socialised. While any breed and any dog is capable of showing aggression if provoked, it is a lot nearer the surface in guarding breeds than in gundogs. You don't see guard labradors.

They are both lovely breeds, and capable owners can train either easily, but their mindsets differ so trainers have to be astute regarding the best ways to train and socialise. Either can be headstrong, as can any dog.

Given what you have told us - and we can only go on what you have told us - I'd say it would be sensible for you to get a lot more experience with a number of different breeds before you commit to any dog of your own. Choosing a dog has to be head not heart - get the head right and the heart will follow. But the lhasa incident said to me that you aren't ready yet - and both GSDs and labradors have much bigger mouths and teeth, and all puppies nip.
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Re: German Shepherd owners and Nettle , advice please

Post by WufWuf » Wed Apr 08, 2015 7:51 am

Great advice from Nettle :D

I just want to back up what she's saying. I know it's hard waiting to fulfill your dreams I really truly do. However it's also very important to be in the right place before you take on a dog.

Also even with your dream breed bonding might not happen straight away. I adore JRT's but it took me a very long time to bond with Honey and I can safely say that now you wouldn't part me from her for all the money in the world. There can be a huge amount of expectation placed on a new dog of any breed or age and this can lead to feeling let down or bitter that they are not what you dreamed they would be, but the joy comes from finding out who this dog truly is inside and out :D .

Stick with us here and read around the various sections, it will really help you prepare for life with your new buddy when the time is right :D
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