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Re: What breed for me?

Post by mum24dog » Mon Jul 14, 2014 9:14 am

Erica wrote:It's funny you should mention parti poodles - one of the two breeders who have passed my scrutiny does breed some partis. They are gorgeous! :)

I'm waiting to hear back from the two final breeders about a couple questions. I'm hoping the answers will help definitively break the tie because I like both of them quite well so far!
I would be asking why the breeder is breeding parti coloured poodles and I would run a mile if they came out with the sort of nonsense we hear about them being the "original" type of poodle and how you can see depictions of them in old paintings. Any blotchy scruffy little dog in a picture will be cited as evidence.

Parti poodles are bred because they are unusual and that is a very bad reason whatever the breed involved. Unusual dogs attract a premium when sold. Selective breeding of the unusual creates a small gene pool and risks the inbred genetic disorders that are so common in pure bred dogs nowadays.

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