Second dog - same breed?

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Second dog - same breed?

Post by Ari_RR » Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:36 pm


Next spring our Rhodesian Ridgeback boy Ari will be 18 months old, and we'll give some serious thought to getting a second dog. Our questions so far - should it be the same breed or different? Does it matter at all? Should it a least be of similar temperament (for example - Ridgebacks need to burn their energy, so second dog should be also energetic and active)? What about gender - do same gender dogs get along better? I actually recall reading somewhere that best is to have male and female... but the other day we saw two beautiful female Greate Danes, who live in the same family and get along just fine, according to their humans.

Any thoughts much appreciated, or a link to a previous topic if this has already been discussed.

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Re: Second dog - same breed?

Post by Fundog » Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:21 pm

I personally feel the biggest issue you need to consider is age gap/proximity. At just 18 months old, your Ari will still be a bit of a wild hooligan, and very much a handful. The last thing you will need at that time is a brand new puppy. :shock:

As for the other considerations, I myself happen to have two dogs of similar size, breed, temperament, and energy level (A springer/retriever cross, and a full English Setter). And they are both spayed females. However, they are four years apart in age, so Annie (the SRx) was already fully matured, well mannered, and settled. Dottie (the ES), being a one year old rescue, was past the baby puppy age, but she was still young and very hyper and didn't know anything. (She still is very much a puppy, at four years old, but that's another thread) :lol:
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