What to use when?

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What to use when?

Post by MPbandmom » Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:27 pm

I don't groom the dogs much. They get an occasional bath if they look particularly dirty or my fingertips turn gunky black when rubbing them. I have tried various brushes on them. I sometimes use the furminator a day after they have been bathed to get the remaining loose undercoat out. I sometimes use a zoom groom on them if they seem to be shedding a bit. I have tried slicker brushes, pin brushes, and bristle brushes.

I'm not crazy about the slicker brush because it seems very scratchy. I feel like if I woudn't want it running across my skin, I shouldn't use it on a dog. The pin brush and bristle brush just don't seem very effective. Sirius is okay with either one. Sky prefers the bristle brush but don't do the hind end please. The zoom groom seems most effective at getting loose fur out. Sirius is fine with it. Sky is okay as long as I use it very lightly, and again, don't do the hind end. The furminator they are also okay with as long as it is used very lightly and for Sky don't do the hind end. Most of the time for Sky, I just use my hands to kind of rub out the loose fur. She is a bit more tolerant of getting her hind end done that way.

Then there is the cat. She is a long hair. When we adopted her they told us that she would need to be brushed. This didn't seem like a problem. Then we learned that the cat hates to be brushed. Over the years, I have learned that she will tolerate a plastic people comb reasonably well along her back and sides. Don't touch the front or underside. Don't come near her with scissors to trim out a mat. When my daughter was at home we could double team her to trim out the mats that would accumulate generally in friction areas. On my own, getting the mats is a major challenge.

It is looking more and more like a Samoyed may be in my future. Based on my experience with my two and the cat, the prospect of the grooming requirements are rather daunting. I have decided that if I can learn to groom the cat then I should be able to learn to groom a long haired dog. I have started having a comb handy in various rooms where the cat tends to be seeking out affection. I am noticing that as I comb her more regularly, she seems to be becoming more tolerant although I still haven't managed to comb her lower chest or underside. I have hopes that with time and mat removal those areas will start to be tolerated too.

I have read instructions online for grooming a samoyed. I notice they use a comb. This is what has me wondering how does one know what is the proper implement for which type of coat. Is a comb really the preferred tool for long hair? With my own hair, I have always used a comb when it was shorter and a brush when it was longer. I don't know why the thought never occured to me to comb my two dogs. I guess what one sees in the store aisle for grooming dogs is generally brushes.
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Re: What to use when?

Post by lucyandbella » Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:13 pm

I can say for Lucy a brush does nothing, a comb is my favorite tool and its cheap. I have no idea if its what you are suppose to use but it works! Lucy has a fluffy long coat. I do use a slicker brush and to be honset I don't think it gets to her skin unless I were to push down on it really hard. I mostly use it as a quick brush but it doesn't get very much fur out, it does make her coat look nicer if she hasn't been brushed in awhile though. So basically I use it if I want her to look well groomed :lol: . I do have a human paddle brush for her tail because the hairs are so long (can get to about 12 inches if I don't cut it), the comb does not work so well on her tail. But pretty much the comb is all I use on her.

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Re: What to use when?

Post by doggiedad » Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:44 pm

you said "i don't groom the dogs much". to maintain a healthy and not matted coat you have groom often.
i brush my dog 3 to 4 times a week. i use an under coat comb and a pin brush. i coat in all directions with
the under coat comb. then i smooth him out with the pin brush. i use the pin brush on his head, legs
and underneath him.

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