Westie with issues

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Westie with issues

Post by Jayb » Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:46 pm

I have had my Westie from a puppy. He was an absolute joy for the first two years until New Year's Eve 2015 when he was coming up to 2. We had a dinner party and a friend brought a new man friend. My dog was agitated already by the fireworks and took an instant dislike to this man. He barked and barked but we thought he was stressed by the fireworks. Anyway he bit the man which was a huge shock to us all. We thought this was a one off but he has since become super protective of the house and also the car and will bark and run at any strangers and even people he does not see very often. He has bitten twice more but only in the house. I now muzzle him when strangers come and keep him on a lead. Away from the home in the park for example he is calm and loves everyone and every dog. He does not like puppies though and will snarl and snap at them. He is also lead reactive although he is much improved on street walks but is better off his lead in the park. It is such a shame as he is so lovely with my immediate family and friends he sees all the time. If he loves you he really loves you.

I would like advice on how to stop him getting so protective and stressed when people come to the house. He literally wants to kill them. We were recommended to crate him when visitors come but for the crate to be in the room so that he can see the visitors and be part of the visit. All he does is bark at them through the crate. He calms down when I put his muzzle on and a lead but I have to keep him by my side. I worry that this will stop people coming to visit us.

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