Border Collie Mix - developing aggressive tendencies

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Border Collie Mix - developing aggressive tendencies

Post by emcarrozo » Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:23 am

I have a now 3 1/2 year old Border Collie Malamute mix that I adopted from an abusive situation when he was a puppy. In the time that i have had him I have socialized him with other dogs, taken him out into public (breweries, restaurant patios, parks, outdoor sports events etc), enrolled him in my works Positive Reinforcement obedience classes where we finished their basic, advanced and public prep courses. But in the past 6 months his behavior has been going down hill.

He's always done this a little bit since I've had him but like I said in the past 6 months its gotten worse. When people come to the house he goes straight into herding mode and rushes the people when they come in. He nips at their legs, butt and sometimes their crotch. I send him to his kennel to wait until he is calm. When he is, I let him back out and he is allowed to meet the people again. He will ignore them for a while but once they get up from the couch and move to the kitchen he's right back in to nipping at them. If they come to greet me he gets right in between us and nips at their thighs. I have tried having them ignore him but he still nips. If he gets to a point where he isn't nipping I have my guests say hi to him. He often lifts his lip showing his teeth or opens his mouth to grab for their hand. I thought this was just a behavior that happens at my house but it is happening at my parents house, work at friends houses, and even out in public if someone comes up to greet myself or him.

Aside from his herding tendencies, he gets really worked up with high pitched laughing or voices (from kids, or some of my girlfriends). I want to get him better around kids but I don't have any of my own, and I would really like for him to be okay around them for when family comes to visit or my friends bring their kids over.

I would love any advice on particular training tips I should try to get him over his nipping and teeth bearing towards new people!


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