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Discussion of Victoria's TV show, It's Me or the Dog.

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Mosh Up

Post by NewMilfordian » Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:06 pm

Well, all IMOTD needs to add is a little person, a hoarder and a parolee and they will have all the bases covered. I am really disappointed in the show now. What was the purpose of bringing the Animal Behaviourist? I could have told that family that that dog needed to run and exercise.

If these people know enough about Victoria to ask for her help, then why haven't they tried any of the training techniques she proposes. There must be a time lapse between volunteering for the show and being accepted.

Also, I wish they would stop saying "the next day" when it is obvious that the shooting is done at the same time. Unless all these people only have one set of clothes.

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