collar that you can talk to the dog with..

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collar that you can talk to the dog with..

Post by Philchef » Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:05 am

Hello everyone..

Hope everyone is enjoying their day and if you are in the UK enjoying the weather.
I have watched the US TV show today and a product was mentioned to stop a dog from taking food from a kitchen top and Victoria used a collar that she put on this dog so she could talk to it whilst he was trying to get the food. The dog had a collar with a receiver on it and she had a walkie talky sort of thing to tell the dog commands like.." NO, STOP, ETC"

she called it the talking collar but i have looked and only get a novel play collar that you can get your dog to say funny things that make your friends laugh.. ho-ho-ho-ho

Anyone know the place she got it from or where i can get it for my little dog????

Thankyou in advance if you have the answer

Phil and tinyxx

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