Leaders of animal rescues having trouble with their own pets

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Leaders of animal rescues having trouble with their own pets

Post by spydre » Tue May 12, 2009 12:12 pm

I just saw the Weimeraner episode (4 Weimeraners in the house, one with anxiety severe enough she would attack the other dogs), and I am shocked at the number of I guess Americans that run rescues for specific breeds, foster, but they can't control the dogs that they own. Well, or couples that adopt another dog into their home knowing their current dog is dog aggressive.

Fear and anxiety are the exact reasons why when Loth was alive, after we adopted out Isis, our cat, we never brought another animal into the house (other than a snake). And these people are bringing in fosters to their homes? I realize that animals need to be fostered, but I couldn't imagine bringing a foster into a home where the animals have behavior problems as it is - presumably the foster would pick right up on the behavior problems, learn it, and then would need retrained once they got their new home?
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Post by Mattie » Thu May 14, 2009 11:30 am

Aggressive dogs can accept other dogs into their homes if it is handled right and there is good management in place. In my case I brought in an aggressive dog, the rescue said she was dog friendly but she tried to kill one of my other dogs.

I used a crate to get her used to Joe, she was find with Merlin, I would have one in and one out all the time. When I swopped over, I did this every 2 hours, I made sure they couldn't get to each other. Gradually they started to settle and learnt to accept each other.

Getting them to be free in the house was the hardest part, I couldn't put Joe at risk, but one evening Gracie was in the front of the crate asleep with the door open, Joe stepped over her, curled up and went to sleep, I knew then that they were going to be find.

Joe and Gracie are often seen together fast asleep they are really good friends. Both are no living on borrowed time and I suspect that they will go to the Rainbow Bridge close together.

18 months after I got Gracie I got Bonnie, they were friends from the minute they saw each other.

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