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Post by nancy » Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:45 am


My name is Nancy and I live in Thessaloniki/ Greece.
I live with my 12months old puppy, SISI, a semi terrie.
I am studing positive teaching in a dogs teaching school, and I am very pleased and excited.
She is my first dog I ever had and she teaches me LOVE, HAPPINESS, KINDNESS and SIMPLICITY .

I know, you are often busy VICORIA and that it is almost impossible to answer. But I hope you will find a moment to look around and see that you have fans all over the world.

I saw some Tv programms with your training in SKAI channel in Greece. And you were the one who pushed me on having a dog and learn how to teach him.
So !!!!! Thank you very much. And I wish I can find a way to buy some of your books.

Best regards
From Greece

Nancy & SISI :)

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