Emergency dog bit child

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Emergency dog bit child

Post by Monkey » Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:12 pm

Im typing fr a friend, he is a first time dgwner, and he gt a herding dg.

He has encuraged her lunging n the lead etc, and has n basic bediance what s ever. (My o isnt wrking unless I paste it in s bare with me please)

I have tried t get him t wrk with his dg, but he hasn;t listened. Nw he is turning t me in panic. The dg bit his neice unprvked. Im having him applying fr yur shw. He rally needs yur help. He's in flrida and iM stuck up here with wrk s I cant g there.

The dg isn't really aggressive aggressive, she's leash reactive/she's k with peple in the dg park as well as ther dgs. A bit understimulated, with n prper training what s ever. With bad bite inhibitin r nw it seems t be nne.

Im PM:ing u his name caue I dnt want it t be put in public. But please take him, he truly needs yu victria. He can be rather stubbrn, and is rather sensitive but he des lve his dg, he just have n clue f what his ding. He's the kind f guy that ges jealus if his dg likes smene else hence he encurage trait in her he shuldnt have had..
The problem is in the other end of the leash!

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Post by emmabeth » Mon Feb 16, 2009 7:46 pm

Monkey - Honestly if the guy isnt willing to admit what hes done is wrong and has caused the problems he now has with his dog... then nothing is going to change.

If he is interested then perhaps he could post (or you could post on his behalf) in the Methods section of the forum.

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