Thanks for Everthing, Victoria

Discussion of Victoria's TV show, It's Me or the Dog.

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Thanks for Everthing, Victoria

Post by DogLuver17 » Sat Jan 31, 2009 6:41 pm

Hey Victoria! I know that you are busy and you probably won't get back to me on this, but its worth a try. Im Ellen and im 15 years old. I started watching Its Me or The Dog last summer and have gotten addicted to it. I also recently got your first book. I read it in a day!
I have always been wowed by your knowledge and understanding of dogs. I hope to maybe go into your profession one day. In the introduction of your book, it stated that you never had a dog growing up, and neither have I. I've wanted a dog since i could remember, but it hasn't happened. My mom is allergic to most anything with fur, and even though she loves dogs, shes never considered one for our family. I know that my mom doesn't want to get a dog because she is afraid that she will get sick from it, but deep down inside, i know she wants one. Since I could write, I've written countless letters with me begging for a dog. Every single time, she says those dreaded words, "No! Im allergic!!" I know not getting a dog is probably for the best, but she hasn't done anything to help me with it.
Since I was little, I've always been drawn to dogs. The first dog I bonded to was my great aunt's dog, Daragh, a Shetland Sheepdog. Everytime I looked at her, I could see my smiling face reflected in her dark eyes. Even though I never told anyone this, Daragh was the reason i loved when I went to my great aunt's house.
Daragh recently died, at the hearty age of 15, and now whenever I go to my aunt's house, something is missing. Something has always been missing in my life.
Every night I go to bed, wishing a dog would enter into my life. I've taken countless visits to the Humane Society, just to marvel at the wonderous dogs that are in there. As soon as i turn 16, i will volunteer there, whenever i can to help the dogs.
Victoria, you are the person I want to become, a person with a life full of dogs, and helping people see how brilliant dogs truly are. And, even though you may not read this, I'm hoping the person that responds will pass this on to you because you deserve to hear it. When Im older, I will have the best dog possible because of everything you've taught me about dogs and about having the best life with them as possible.
Thanks again,

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