I love the visual aids Victoria uses!

Discussion of Victoria's TV show, It's Me or the Dog.

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I love the visual aids Victoria uses!

Post by DawnStorm » Sun Apr 13, 2008 4:30 pm

They really illustrate the problem/issue and do so in a humorous way. :lol: I think my favorite is the hierarchy in Teddy Pom Pom's house before and after the training: the first one showed Teddy at the very top with his underlings beneath him. :lol: This was Teddy's house and you're exceedingly lucky to be living here! :twisted:
Another visual aid that sticks out was the one Vic showed Niles' owner. I knew that Vic was going to cover Owner up with the blanket, but I was not expecting Vic to come at her with a street broom! :shock: Very unique way to show the dog's perspective!
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Post by Maddie'sMom » Mon May 05, 2008 12:06 pm

haha, I enjoyed that as well! :lol:

I also liked the episode where Victoria gave the children chocolate cakes, and then told them they could Not eat it! The kids looked so disappointed, then she was taking bites of hers and explaining to them why its too tempting for the dog... I should try that on my family! LOL

I liked it when Tallulah's pet parents had to lay down in the street to get the perspective of the dog. All those feet coming at you! Yikes! And how she marks the places where the dogs like to go to the bathroom in the house; with cones and signs that say "Go Here!" :lol: brilliant

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