My boys.......

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My boys.......

Post by brmkr » Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:57 pm

is there ANYONE,.... that would be willing to help me? My issue is this. All 5 (Five) of my boys are rescued. Black, a lab, he comes from college students who mistreated him. Rufus, was a day before being euthanized.The Vet called and asked if we'd come and get him because if not he was going to be euthanized. Just could not let that happen! So, we went and adopted him. He is a shepherd. Max and Kujo, puppies when we got them. They come from the same litter. The intention was to only get one but when we saw how attached these two were we could not help but to get them both. They are Great Perinees. Now there's Red. He is a Pharoah Hound. I saw him on my way to work @ 7AM. Looked as if someone had just dropped him off and left. Upon my return @ 6PM, he was still there as if he was waiting on someone to come back and get him. Well, I called out and he came!!! I just grabbed him so he couldn't get away and put him in my car and he's been part of the family since. I LOVE my boys.!!!!! Now here is the situation. Black is older. Black is the sweetest, most beautifully tempered boy. And prior to all of the additions he was 1 part of two. Lucky. Lucky was hit along with his brother Tyson whom we had just got. Lucky and Tyson were hit at the same time and it was devasting to me. I DO NOT DRINK, but that night I drank a six pack of beer! I was very distraught because I witnessed it. When we had Lucky and Black at first, they were kept in the house. Then we got Tyson. So then they were all being kept in the garage together. When Reddie came he got the honor of being in the house. So now, he thinks it is his domain only. When we bring Black in the house Reddie becomes agitated and gets on Black's nerve by constantly barking. Black deserves to be in the house. He's gotten old and keeping him in the garage tuggs at my heartstrings tremendously. It hurts me a lot. I have looked into trainer's but they are so expensive and I simply cannot afford them. How can I get them to live together in harmony? Is the ANYONE,... out there that can help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Someone who might volunteer a little time to help me get them acclamated to living together in peace. It is not Black who causes the disruption, but Reddie. He's a relatively small dog. And Black, well he's a Lab. Please, I am begging for someone to help me..

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Re: My boys.......

Post by dontpugme » Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:23 pm

Copy and paste your post into the Dog Training Advice section of the forum. (If you haven't already)

You will get more help and support there! :)

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