It's Me or the Dogs in the US?

Discussion of Victoria's TV show, It's Me or the Dog.

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Post by griffin » Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:15 pm

I'm late to the party but this is a great show. I understand everything must come to an end, on can only show so many different dog / parenting problems before they become redundant. I haven't missed an episode here in the US, I tivo when I can not watch them. Thankfully, Animal planet runs double episodes every morning during the week.

Our dog is so much happier now and we as a family are closer than I could have imagined with him. Yes, I have had dogs in the past, but being armed with all this information now makes the relationship so much better...

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Post by kufankam » Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:22 pm

My wife and I have a black lab puppy and began watching IMOTD back in April! I am sooo thankful this show made it to the US! Victoria is so terrific. My wife and I implement everything Victoria teaches. I have since purchased Victoria's book (IMOTD) and am in the middle of reading it. We consider Victoria our dog's personal trainer. Victoria has made training our pup so much fun!!

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