Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

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Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by BoardHost » Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:41 pm

Victoria will reply live in this thread to questions about Saturday night's episode, House of Horror at 9pm EST Sunday, January 10th.

House of Horror
Susan didn't own a dog. But she had 3 roomates who brought a total of four dogs with them when they moved in. Bailey was a marker, Maiden and Lucas were poopers, and Nibby had some aggression issues, and combined they were wreaking havoc in Susan's house, not to mention with the relationships of the four single women.

Stephanie, Sara and Jessie did not clean up after their dogs much, so the house was a disaster in terms of cleanliness, and an environmental audit was required to determine if living there was a health hazard.

In addition to trying to get the women to recognize the need to trust each other and take responsibility for their dogs, Victoria was faced with the task of housetraining all of the dogs, instilling a sense of order and stability in the house and on walks, as well as dealing with Nibby's significant aggression.

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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by PatchesMomma » Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:48 am

Hello Victoria,

First of all I want to say that I love the show, you have given me such a great training techniques for my dog. That house tonight was awful, just awful, how their neighbors next door didn't complain about the smell is beyond me.

Anyways, I have a question, my dog Patches is a good dog when he wants to be, he's still a puppy about 7 months, but he likes to bite on my clothes to either get attention or just to "play". It is rather frustrating trying to walk and having a 25lb dog on your leg or trying to relax and having him bite on your shirt, it's ruined shirts, pants, and socks. He also has a habit of grabbing the socks when doing the laundry, we have never gave him socks or clothing to play with when we got him, so why does he do this? Is he just wanting attention, does he want to play, does he want to go outside? When I tell him no he just does it more and growls, and sometimes he bites skin instead of clothing, and I have to say it hurts. So if you can answer my question it'd be greatly appreciated, I wish you did auditions in Arkansas, I'd audition in a heartbeat!


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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by doggy style » Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:35 am

First of all WOW!!! What a great/disgusting episode!I almost puked i dont know how you didnt.I cant believe you even rolled up your sleeves and helped clean.I love how you grilled those girls,they were witchey and viperish!thats a new one!Personally, i dont think those two girls deserved to own dogs.Watching that episode made me realize what a great owner i am!Great season so far.

Victoria,i have a dog aggressive american bulldog.she shows a lot of aggression in the house looking out the window barking growling going nuts.Im not sure if its from poor socilization as a puppy. outside she seems a little calmer.I tried your methods to socialize with other dogs.I introduce them at a distance.walk them together using treats and try a butt sniff and keep walking.Although im using a muzzle when will i know or when can i take that muzzle off and go further? Im just so scared for her to get into another fight with a dog because it was pretty vicious.Ive learned so much from your shows i even help my clueless friends with their unruly dogs. thanks so much.
ps... your absolutely gorgeous!

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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by Esprit64 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:07 am

Dear Victoria: If during the course of filming your show, you encounter clueless people, who clearly are in denial about the good care of their dog, and despite your best efforts, it seems clear that they will not change their ways thus keeping the dog in jeopardy, what steps would you take to resolve the matter--on the show--and off?

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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by gamble759 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:34 pm

Hi Victoria,

I am posting early because I work at the time you are on.

I am trying to help a friend who has a Wheaton Terrier puppy who, even after 3 weeks of being at their house, is very fearful of them and their children. It will not take treats from their hand and has not had all its vaccinations yet so it is not yet leash trained. We thought maybe it did not have the socialization it needed where it was bred. Are there any tips/ games that you can tell me that might help this dog? My friends are willing to try anything to get their puppy to trust them. any help is greatly appreciated, thanks victoria!

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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by PhoenixFalconer » Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:56 pm

Hi Victoria,
Okay, that house was nasty. I don't know how people can live like that. The second our dog (a corgi mix) has an accident, we clean it up immediately. I feel so bad for Susan! I hope that they kept up the training...

Also, what do you recommend telling someone who has a dog, but clearly has *no* idea how to take care of the dog? This family is already having problems within the family, and they just got a puppy. They never take him outside (and he's a big puppy--a greyhound/pitbull/husky mix, I think I heard), and this is proved by the fact that when my mother stopped by to see how this family was doing, the dog ran outside and peed on her shoes. Clearly no obedience training, and i doubt that the atmosphere in the house is healthy for this poor puppy. All I think is how great this dog/family would be for "It's Me Or The Dog".

Also, regarding the last episode...I found it disgusting when Jessie and her friend looked so smug. Kudos to you.

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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by wvvdiup1 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:18 pm

Hello Victoria!

Besides the "check backs" with these televised clients we see, do you check back, say six months to a year, to see how these dog owners are progressing with their dogs?

I've been in the same situation these four young women were in. I was partially renting a house near the university I was attending. At first, the other housemates kept looking after their dogs. but for some unexcuseable reason, they quit! In the meantime, I was getting fed up cleaning and looking after their dogs, while in the meantime, I was getting seriously ill, missing work and classes.

So I made up a schedule for each of them to feed, walk or exercise their dogs, and clean up after their dogs. No excuses accepted! I told them it was either look after your dogs or rehome them to someone who will! Needlessly to say, it worked!
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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by debitot » Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:42 pm

Hi Victoria,
I just love your show also. my problem is with my 6 month old yorkie.I have had him since he was 4 week's old. The woman I got him from,had a yorkie that had four puppies, after one week of nursing the mother had a calcium seziure. The vet told her to take the puppies away from her. She almost died. so they had to be bottle fed for 5 weeks.My problem is he bites. I cannot put a leash or collar or shirts on him, I cannot brush him. He has bitten me four times. Each one worse than the first.
I get so upset. I love him so much. He only weighs three.four lbs.Is there anything you could help me with? I would truly appriciate it. I had a yorkie that passed away in june from a heart murmer,he was almost eight.Help me please.

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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by lostsuper_ » Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:45 pm

It is amazing how you did not vomit of the smell. I would of. The three roommates who bought the dogs in Susan's hosue needs to learn how to take care of their pets.That house looked nasty. I don't understand how they can live in there with the condition the hsoue looked.

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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by emmabeth » Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:47 pm

Just to remind people, if you have a problem with your dog, do post in the Dog Training Advice area of the forum where your post will be seen by our regular and very experienced posters and you will be offered safe and sensible advice.

Whilst Victoria will try to answer posts this thread is specifically for questions relating to the episode listed so if you don't get an answer to a question about something else, do stick around the forums and re-post it in the appropriate area.
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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by lostsuper_ » Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:59 pm

Why did Bailey marked all over the house for?What make dogs do that?
What causes dogs to be so aggressive?

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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by Thepupstopshere » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:13 pm

Hi Victoria~ !'m impressed by the fact that you were able to restrain yourself from throttling the young women in last night's episode! Your dedication to improving the lives of and living conditions for dogs goes without question....especially after last night. It looked like training the dogs was "a piece of cake" compared to the people. AND...how did you keep yourself from vomiting in those surroundings?

Out of curiosity....does any conversation take place between you and the people, beyond what we see on television? Do you let them know, in advance, just how appalled and disgusted you are by what you've observed or do you wait for the cameras to roll?

Bravo to you. That was truly an episode like no other that 've seen to date!

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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by rosana » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:24 pm

I am glad you were able to help those girls.I'm sure they love their pets but I think that they just didnt know how to care for a pet properly. I hope they set aside their ego's and listened. My question was about the potty area, did that potty grass have a drain?

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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by kimb123 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:34 pm

Hi, Victoria!

I watched your show! It was great! I'm so proud that you got the girls to work as a team!

I like to ask one question though. What kind of treats do you use? With our Great Dane, we even tried chicken, (with his gentle leader), but he still lunges at other dogs when we go out for a walk. He is so strong that only my dad can walk him and a couple of times he even pulled my dad off his feet. We hired a personal trainer and in the end he suggested a prong collar! I think we need a lot of help. Thank you for anything you can suggest.

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Re: Episode 202 - House of Horror - Jan 9

Post by ajax » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:51 pm

Hi Victoria,

I was absolutely appalled by the behavior of the 3 girls who owned the dogs in this last episode. I don't believe that they should have been allowed to keep their pets, and I don't understand why they weren't reported to the health department and/or animal control. My question is, did you follow up to make sure that the dogs are still properly cared for and that the girls kept up the behavior of responsible dog owners? I'm concerned to think that those dogs have been left with owners who were only temporarily responsible, so as to look good on TV. In fact, I would never have let them keep their dogs in the first place!

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