help!! please my beagle and ? mix

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help!! please my beagle and ? mix

Post by pcb0960 » Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:30 am

Hi all my last post was the pocket beagle turns out she is not really a true pocket beagle, anyway she still demonstrates some characteristics of a beagle she is a scent hound outside her nose goes...anyway I have been trying in earnest to take her outside on a consistant scheduled basis, she now eats twice a day, and trying to get her used to being by herself in her crate when we can not take her with us, she at times will pee or poo on the paper in the event my timing is off, she is getting better going times when my husband or my son stresses her out she fails to make it to the paper and peeing or pooing on the husband who brought her home for my son for a now saying if this is not corrected she will be brought to a pound....I tell him that HE will do it....I refuse to give her up..anyway it seems I am the mama, she sleeps on my bed only when allowd, and when I leave her inside to go take the trash out she cries and howls even though my son or my husband is home,I take time every day to play with her, and teaching her sit and down, tonight my husband literally yelled at her to lay down and it scared her, when I was sitting there she slept at my feet, when I move she the morning she greets everyone, I can`t seem to think that she is my dog now!!
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Post by danabanana » Wed Feb 18, 2009 7:47 am

beagles are famously 'slow' at potty training, I think there is a sticky thread about it on this forum - stick with it and be consistent (that means everyone in the house - not just you!)

I'm sure more experienced posters will be along with some advice soon but I'm in a bit of a rush so would just quickly like to recommend 'Beagles for Dummies' (can't reach the book atm to check who it's by but it's pretty fab)

good luck!

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