Cocker spaniel does not like people

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Cocker spaniel does not like people

Post by Jaspersue » Thu May 19, 2016 4:35 pm

We have a 2 year old male intact golden English cocker spaniel who has taken to be aggressive towards people. We have had him from 8weeks old and socialized him with people and calm children and other dogs. We also did puppy lessons. At 6 months he was attacked by a Jack Russel and was very fearful of dogs but we worked with a behaviourist and he gets on with most dogs just not dogs that don't have manners. His aggression now seems towards people but if the person ignores him totally he eventually makes a move to be stroked. The other problem is that he gets over excited to see Pete we know and has started nipping them. We haven't had him neutered yet as the behaviourist has said that if he is nervous taking away his testosterone will make things worse, so we thought we might try the implant first what do you all think?

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