More then one dog?

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More then one dog?

Post by Shalista » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:42 am

More of an academic question really then a serious one. Because of Bax it's unlikely that I'll be getting another dog in the near future. that being said I have been rather wistfully eyeballing rescue dog photos.

Why did you decide to get another dog? when did you feel it was a good time? Why did you decide to NOT get another dog?
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Re: More then one dog?

Post by JudyN » Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:03 am

As much as I find myself lusting after other lurchers on rescue sites, we won't be getting another dog while we have Jasper and it's been an easy decision.

1) He's not that into other dogs, he's a 'people' dog. He gets on OK with most other dogs, and always likes to meet other sighthounds, but he just greets them briefly and then focuses on the owner. (Possibly because he's never met a dog who hands out treats :lol: ) Just occasionally he will run/play with another dog but he often takes a bit of persuading and it doesn't last long. So I don't think he'd benefit from that aspect.

2) Although he's not particularly 'guardy' with other dogs, I can imagine that a problem would soon arise if there was another resident dog, and that's not something I want to deal with.

3) Too much stress tends to make him aggressive in some circumstances and a new dog is bound to be stressful to some extent.

4) OH is adamant he can't walk 2 dogs at once, and really really doesn't want another.

5) With mild health issues and working from home, I'd have difficulty with coping with extra demands on my time & energy.

If despite the above we wanted another dog, I'd probably go for a mature female greyhound who was placid but reasonably confident. He might look up to her and enjoy her company..... but it's not guaranteed!

Oh, and we'd need a new car - Jasper takes up the whole of the back seat :lol:
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Re: More then one dog?

Post by Nettle » Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:12 am

The vast majority of dogs would far rather be 'only dogs'. Just think how Bax is stressed with the other dog in the household.

Why then do I have three dogs and have been up to six? Because I work my dogs and keep my oldies in retirement, so need to be bringing on a pup while having at least one in full work with the older ones easing off as age or injury limits them. However my own health and a few other things means I am no longer working my dogs as much, so we are letting the numbers drop naturally and will eventually just have one.
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Re: More then one dog?

Post by Fundog » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:01 am

We got a second dog because *I* needed a second dog, and for no other reason. I was going through a broody phase, fantasizing about having another baby-- but couldn't, and I needed a more vigorous walk than what Annie was willing to give me. So Mr. Fundog suggested I look for another puppy. Happily, Dottie filled that void in my life, and I am quite content now. :)

And although there are times now when I think it might be nice to get another (younger) dog, there are two reasons we cannot and must not at this time:
1) Our lease agreement only allows two pets at a time.
2) Dottie does not get along well with any other dog except Annie. (So until Dottie Monster crosses Rainbow Bridge, we cannot have another dog)
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Re: More then one dog?

Post by delladooo » Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:17 pm

Going from one dog to two wasn't really a big deal for us - mum and I very much have a dog each and in some ways it's more like housemates than family dogs. But I'd love to add a standard poodle in about 4 years which could be a huge problem as MiMi is terrified of strange dogs at the minute so as much as I want, it will very much depend on if we can get her past it. Any other dog would definitely be because of human want, not a 'dog friend' too

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Re: More then one dog?

Post by MPbandmom » Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:06 pm

I ended up with two by chance. Oldest had a dog for wife. Wife left and took dog. Oldest got a dog for himself. Wife couldn't manage dog and first dog ended up back with oldest. Then oldest and dogs ended up back with me. Oldest has left and dogs remained.

I like to engage in dog powered sports. Two dogs are the ideal number for scootering which I prefer. My two dogs aren't a team, and are getting older and I think my running dog is retired due to health reasons. So, this leads to me periodically looking at northern breeds on rescue sites.

But now is not the time to add more dogs to my household. My dogs have dog anxiety issues. One dog has toy resource guarding issues and is even known to resource guard the water dish at multi dog get-togethers. Other dog sometimes resource guards food. They are both lousy examples of how to be a well adjusted dog and I have watched first dog pick up some of second dog's bad manners. They sometimes feed off of each other in a negative way. Two dogs means I can walk one and OH can walk one, or if OH isn't up to walking, I can manage to walk each separately without totally wiping myself out. We also have a senior cat. Senior people, senior pets, and senior vehicles, can sometimes put a greater strain on an already stretched budget. There simply aren't sufficient funds available to responsibly take on another animal even if my two were well adjusted models of perfect dogdom. :lol:
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Re: More then one dog?

Post by rnor1120 » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:45 pm

I fostered my second dog for a rescue with promises that it would likely be a short-term deal. Seven months later she was still in my house with minimal interest from the public. I was getting to graduate vet school. I was too lazy to return the dog to the rescue before I left town.

I'm only partially kidding.

Really it was dog number one (Chance) and the boa constrictor (Sassy) that convinced me to let her say.

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Re: More then one dog?

Post by mansbestfriend » Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:18 am

That's a good question. For me I think the heart played a role but the head made the decisions.

I was dog-less for many adult years before adopting my Kelly dog (KelpieXStaffy) from a welfare shelter at 13months old. She was apparently bounced between some people and places before being surrendered to a RSPCA shelter. It's probably worth pointing out that from all the dogs up for adoption, I chose her, the one who barked at me but otherwise didn't show much interest. I could go on and on ... and on, but after settling at home she basically seemed like an ex-farm dog, untrained (or badly trained) under-utilised, and reactive to everything, at first.

Anyway, skip six or so years of progress and plateau with Kelly (mainly progress), more/wider learning and experience, and I started looking to foster a dog. (The best laid plans of mice and men ... Kelly dog wasn't so keen about having to share her living space)

I fostered Max the ex-racer greyhound from a local greyhound rescue group. He then trialled a permanent home or two but 'bounced', and I happily adopted him myself a while later. So now there's an excitable KelpieX, and a chilled-most-of-the-time greyhound here that aren't necessarily friends but do co-exist OK.

I'd personally like to foster another dog, but my head says not for a while and I agree.
Cheers. It's walk time. :)
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Re: More then one dog?

Post by Horace's Mum » Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:24 am

I have pondered getting a friend for Horus so many times - he loves playing and spending time with his friends, especially the dog next door who he has helped raise since puppyhood. But I always decide against it - Horus has had enough struggles, and whilst the right dog might well enrich his life, it would take a lot of work to get to that point, and there is a fair chance we never would have a lovely calm existence. I have spent 8 years teaching him how to relax in his home, to feel safe and unthreatened, and I am not prepared to rock that boat on the offchance. He is in increasing pain and can get grumpy when he's sore, this will only get worse and much as he loves puppies and younger dogs, he also loves them to go home, and he will tell them (politely) to get lost when he is too sore to play. I have seen him ask for me to step in and end play when he's had enough so many times, which is fine when the dog lives elsewhere but much harder when you live in a confined space.
Most of all, I just feel that we have such a strong relationship I am not prepared to knock that and make him feel less wanted or give him any cause to be jealous - he is not currently a jealous dog, but he has never had to share his home and cuddles longterm. He has been through enough, I think he deserves to live out his days as the pampered prince of my household, he is thoroughly spoiled in the best way possible and I would hate to think that me bringing another dog in would change that for him.
Much better for us to have play dates that I can call time on when he tells me he is ready to leave.


Re: More then one dog?

Post by master2 » Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:37 pm


I ended up with tow dogs through loss.

I got my first dog Watson ( Italian spinion) from the RSPCA I adopted him as I volunteered there. And he was perfect from day one and I'm lucky as I have never had a problem with him, he is a dream to own.

Last year I lost my auntie who left behind an adult GSD Sherlock she had put in her will that she wanted me to take him on as she could not stand the thought of him in rescue. So through grief I took him on. He has not been perfect but I have really fallen for him and he is beautiful to own. Plus he gets on great with Watson. :D

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