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Post by k9Queen » Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:01 pm

New find in search for puppy face that never fades http://news.yahoo.com/search-puppy-face ... 39092.html

This is exactly what I was talking about in another post. This is a deeply disturbing "trend". When so many animals are euthanized every day, people would rather spend tons of money of a glorified mixed dog. The only thing designer about these animals are their blended names. It's more like a science project for profit. People looking to mix everything to see what happens. This is a disaster. I could see if animals bred naturally, but forcing animals to breed and see what happens is disturbing.

Technically, all mixed dogs would be "designer". Unless, they mean forced bred cats and dogs are designer, but not babies created naturally :?

Either way, this article basically promotes this kind of behavior. Yet, at the bottom of the article, they claim that they are responsible just because they use a geneticist. They aren't responsible, but they are hypocrites. They are against the sale of dogs for thousands of dollars, but these dogs ARE being sold for thousands of dollar AND being labeled with the same labels that they don't believe in. Even if these dogs ARE healthy, they are still being taken advantage of by people that are trying to make a profit. Overall, these dogs draw the short straw and suffer in the end. People just want the cute factor, but don't care about anything else. The fact that this article promotes dogs as being "accessaries", which they did say at the beginning of the article is disgusting! Not only that, but the article clearly mentions how people that buy these dogs are using them to show off, to "make friends" and being the "talk of the town"!

I would also like to know what kind of training they are talking about in the article.

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