Leaving dogs unattended at home

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Leaving dogs unattended at home

Post by chickflick1066 » Mon May 20, 2013 6:13 am

I've just taken on my first foster dog (a 3yo brindle boxer) and i am hugely in love already!! I've had a long weekend with him which has been lovely but alas, I must return back to work tomorrow :( He will be walked for 30mins at 6.15am-6.45am and I will leave the house at 7.25am. My friend has agreed to check in on him at lunchtime, approx 12-1 and will walk him for at least an hour. I will return at 6.25-6.30pm and do an hours walk in the evening. So three good walks a day.

During the time he is left unattended though how can i keep him comfortable? He's non destructive so doesn't need to be crated and can hold his bladder well (he opens his bowels usually at the first and last walk). He is so NOT food orientated - I've never met a dog who doesn't really eat. I left the webcam on when I left for 1hr30 today and he slept for 99% of it. Obviously being left for 5-6hrs I'll expect to see a bit more action, especially if the postman comes as that will make him bark.

I can't find a treat to stuff the kong with that he actually likes, this boy even turned down bacon!!

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