Do Greyhounds make good pets?

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Post by Owdb1tch » Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:26 am

As someone with a fair knowledge of sighthound AND of racehorses, I wonder if Emmabeth's early post could be published (apologies if it has been and I haven't yet seen it - just got back from away) because what makes ME mad is the way the greyhound is 'marketed' as needing next to no care and training.

They are WONDERFUL dogs but they need every bit as much input from their people as any other dog, and it's high time this was made more obvious to the dog-owning public. Instead of being marketed as the idle person's pet, they should be presented as the fabulous dogs they are.

Same with ex-racehorses - I have rehabbed them in plenty and I owned one who was my dearest friend for seventeen years. But they are demanding animals to keep and ride, and not for everybody.

As a personal aside, I think EM should be kept on as a contributor, because although she has yet to impress me either with her canine or veterinary knowledge, she does stimulate debate - and that is always healthy.
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