Gracie goes swimming

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Gracie goes swimming

Post by Mattie » Thu Feb 07, 2008 3:02 pm

The first time I tried to take pictures of Gracie was a disaster, but these are nearly as bad :lol:

Gracie is cheating, she turns the other way and lifts her feet off the threadmill for a rest.


Coming round to get back to work.


Gracie is working well in this one, the black round the edge is plastic and doesn't move, Gracie is small enough to stand on there so she doesn't work :roll:


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Post by danabanana » Thu Feb 07, 2008 3:11 pm

Is that at a doggy hydrotherapy place? My parents 2 labs used to love going for a swim, not sure how my beagle would take to it, she hates getting her feet wet!

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