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by Sheba
Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:25 am
Forum: Dog Training Articles
Topic: Loose Lead walking
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Re: Loose Lead walking

When mine pests were puppies we started loose leash walking by just letting the puppies drag their leashes and encouraging them to follow. (Both loved cheese so it was and still s the best valued treat). Gradually I picked up the leashes but continuing the game. For them it was just play. I also use...
by Sheba
Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:45 am
Forum: Dog Training Advice
Topic: Coping with getting old and loosing sight
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Coping with getting old and loosing sight

As I've already told in my introduction I am the human of two 16 years old dogs. They are still in good shape, they basically see the vet only for their check-up and vaccination. The main problem is with Ricky that is slowly loosing his sight by cataract... We discussed it with the vet and surgery i...
by Sheba
Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:28 am
Forum: Introduce Yourself!
Topic: Hello from Sheba and Ricky
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Hello from Sheba and Ricky

Hi I am the human companion of Sheba and Ricky, two 16 years old wonderful brothers (mixed breeds but who cares). Still in good shape with some itches and pains, and even enjoying even a two hours walk in the park (when the 2 legs have the time for it). The main concern i Ricky that is slowly loosin...