Hot Weather Tips

Dogs generally do not tolerate the heat well. While the warm summer months can be fun for humans and dogs alike, it is important to keep your dog from getting overheated. Regardless of the size or breed of dog, you should never leave any dog outside for extended periods in the heat.

Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Dogs Healthy in Hot Weather

Photo by Jayme Dukart |

Photo by Jayme Dukart |

  1. Be cool.  Dogs can easily suffer from heat exhaustion, so be sure to walk them either early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the midday heat. Dogs’ bodies are closer to the ground than ours, so they heat up quicker.
  2. Careful of the feet!  Try to walk your dog on grass and avoid hot asphalt. Walking on hot roads or sidewalks can cause your dog’s pads to get burned.
  3. Small sips only.  When you go out with your dog, take plenty of water with you, but do not allow your dog to drink it all at once. Smaller, more regularly spaced doses help avoid bloat and other dangerous or uncomfortable conditions.
  4. Get Wet!  Swimming is a great way to quickly cool off your hot dog, but be sure not to tire him out too much. Even really good swimmers can tire to the point where it could get dangerous.
  5. Heat kills.  You should not leave your dog in an unattended car for even a couple of minutes.
  6. Floaties!  If you are out on a boat with your dog, be sure she is wearing a life preserver.
  7. Pee careful.  Even the most-housetrained dogs often scent mark new territory, so keep an eye on your dog when checking into a hotel room or vacation house.
  8. Travel Smart.  If you take your dog on vacation with you, be aware that the dog could feel heightened anxiety by being left alone in a new place. Try to avoid long spells away until he has acclimated.
  9. Watch the sun.  Some light-colored dogs need to wear sunscreen around their most vulnerable areas. Consult your vet to see if this is something that applies to your dog.
  10. Cool Pads.  A really great way to cool your dog during the summer is to provide a kid’s paddling pool. Dogs sweat through their pads, so a great way to cool down quickly is to get their feet wet.

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One thought on “Hot Weather Tips

  1. Joanne Rocha

    I have been researching cooling pads for my lab who has a difficult time sleeping at night when its extremely warm out. All my research states that the gel ones are non-toxic, but apparently this does not mean that they are safe for pets to ingest. I have read a couple of reviews from owners whose pets became critically ill in this way from a 'non-toxic' "best in show' highly rated pad. Is there a way to determine which non-toxic mats are safe, or is safe route to avoid them totally. I want to help my dog be comfortable in this heat but don't want to risk her life. Thank you for any information you can share to help me.

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