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Before bringing home a new dog or puppy, it is important to know what behaviors to expect from your new addition. If you have decided to get a puppy, one particularly challenging behavior that you should expect to face is whining or crying.

It is important that puppies stay with their mothers for at least the first eight to ten weeks of life. If someone is trying to sell you a puppy any younger than that, they are not likely to be a responsible breeder and you will be faced with raising a puppy that did not receive critical teaching and information from its mother and siblings.

Even if you get a puppy at the ideal 8-10 weeks of age, you are still likely to face at least a little whining or crying. The adjustment of leaving their mother and siblings can often cause puppies to cry when they want or need something, or when they are left alone.

How to Stop Puppy Whining and Crying

  • Ignore the whining, while still giving your pup confidence that you are there and actively reward quiet moments with your attention. Do not reward your puppy with attention or play until she is quiet for at least several seconds.
  • Do not expect your puppy to take to a crate right away. Crate training must be taught slowly, using positive reinforcement to make the crate a fun and safe place for him.
  • A tired puppy is a quiet puppy. Short intervals of exercise and basic training can significantly help reduce whining and crying.
  • Keep in mind that young puppies are not able to go long hours without toileting. Getting your puppy on a regular routine will get you on the right road to potty training and may help eliminate whining.
  • Never use punishment, intimidation, or pain to stop your puppy’s whining or crying. Remember that this is an instinctive response to a need (whether it be hunger, thirst, desire for attention, etc) and you have to teach your puppy what you do and do not want.
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7 thoughts on “Whining/Crying

  1. petrino

    take her outside and play/train with her take her potty, then take her back inside and ignore her until she tires abd goes quiet. then jump on her and praise and thank her for being quiet. if she whines walk away. and ignore til she goes quiet. rinse and repeat. this way she learns that whining makes you go away, and being quiet gets attention. just make sure the whining is not for food or potty.

  2. emmalee72

    A dirty house is no crime, especially if you have a new pup. They're only a pup for such a short time. Remember the crate is not a baby-sitter, but don't be afraid to call in a dog-sitter for a couple of hours if you need to get on with the cleaning, or do it when the dog is asleep.

  3. Stephanie Presdee

    Do not read a tired puppy means a quiet puppy meaning drag your puppy round the neighbourhood and pavement pounding.It should mean interactive play, mental stimulation , puzzles and games.

  4. Stephanie Presdee

    Do not read a tired puppy means a quiet puppy meaning drag your puppy round the neighbourhood and pavement pounding.It should mean interactive play, mental stimulation , puzzles and games. PPG member.

  5. Renee

    my puppy made me so tired running around the bedroom playing with his rope.......... i think i might be more tired than my puppy, he still wanted to play so i gave him a chew toy and he's kicking and chasing that around. boy have i got my hands full... Any suggestions for simple games to play (simple for the human, brain tickling for the pup)

    at least he's food motivated tho, hopefully the training bit will be straight forward 😀

  6. Sandy

    Try a treat ball - pup rolls it to get a piece of kibble to fall out. He'll get hours of puzzle play from it. And activity at the same time.

  7. Cristina Sulzener

    I took my puppy from a dog foster home about a year ago. I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much. BUT, he howls a lot when he is alone at home. How to stop it?
    My husband and I were thinking about taking him to 'doggy school', but then again, it’s extremely expensive, and the nearest 'doggy school' is far away from us. Maybe you have some advice? THANK YOU!!!!

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