Dogs and Cats

DOGS_AND_CATS_FeaturedIt's an age-old battle royale, right?

Not so fast.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs and cats can get along. If you are committed to the safety and well-being of both your dog and your cat, they can live in harmony in your home.

The first few weeks are usually the most challenging period when you introducing a new dog into a home with an existing cat, or vice versa. The younger the dog and cat are, the easier the adjustment typically will be. Older dogs that have never been around cats may be more curious, or potentially aroused, by their presence.

If your dog shows signs of overarousal or aggression around your cat, find a qualified trainer immediately to help work on the behavior.

Regardless of how well your dog seems to be adjusting to your cat, you must provide kitty with a safe, high place to hide from any dogs when she feels uncomfortable or threatened. This will help prevent stress-related behavior problems in your cat, and will make general interactions safer.

If you are diligent about keeping both cat and dog safe and happy, it is possible to have both species live peacefully under one roof.

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One thought on “Dogs and Cats

  1. Lynne Nicholson

    I have two kitties (2 years old) and a wonderful dog (6 years old) the thing I did was to provide a safe haven for the kitties and encouraged my dog to remain calm. I never let her chase them. Now she still is ready to chase cats out on a walk but doesn't chase the kitties at home. The funniest thing is she will curl a lip in a snarl if one is on my lap if she thinks I'm not looking at her as my head turns her way she drops the snarl face and relaxes her face.

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