Yappier Hour

This week I attended a Powderhouse Productions/Animal Planet event to celebrate the premiere of DOGS 101 Season Three at the Liberty Hotel in Boston.  DOGS 101 experts Karen 'Doc' Halligan and Andrea Arden were in attendance and proceeds from the event went to the MSPCA. I must admit, I had no idea what to expect as my wife Linda and I, and our dog Rusty, sped down the Mass pike toward Boston. Apparently, the Liberty Hotel, which is animal friendly, puts on a Yappie Hour every Wednesday night and dog owners are encouraged to bring their pooches to enjoy the fun.

But this night was special, what with the premiere and all, so it was to be even yappier than usual.  I had visions of a bunch of dog owners discussing TV projects and quaffing beer and wine while their dogs, restrained on lead, attempted to meet and greet each other. Just in case Rusty got overly rambunctious, I brought his Gentle Leader head halter.  He started out the car ride excited, presumably thinking he was going for a walk with both his dog parents. As the miles whizzed by, he became more subdued, and licked his lips anxiously. What was going on? Where on earth was he going?

Finally, we reached our destination. When we got out my car, he became very excited at the new venue, spinning and twirling his way through the hotel lobby.  Then, as we waited patiently for an elevator to the first floor, he rudely goosed a young woman who was passing by. That was sit. The Gentle leader went on.  On exiting the elevator, we followed signs to an outdoor courtyard and gingerly made our appearance. To our surprise, dogs galore charged around the courtyard off leash having the time of their lives. No leash law here.  We immediately released Rusty, who joyously joined the throng.  There were little dogs, big dogs, running dogs, barking dogs, wrestling dogs, and chased and chasing dogs. It was heaven.  Rusty played and played but then we saw him thoroughly enjoying a doggie cocktail – a beefy broth in a paper cup. That was his aperitif as he moved on to not one but three (free) Frosty Paws.  Then back to playing.

Night fell slowly as we chatted and had a glass or two of wine in the evening air.  We definitely had fun but Rusty had the time of his life. He fell asleep happy and exhausted on the way home, having met and played with every dog there. Having a night out in the best dog friendly hotel in Boston - $100. Watching Rusty enjoy himself so much and have the best night of his life – priceless.  Thank you Liberty Hotel. Thank you Powderhouse.


  1. The Liberty Hotel was formerly the Charles St. jail which housed many a crook in its day. Now transformed into stunning elegance, it retains some of its original jail features and names (the bar, surrounded by refurbished jail cells, is called “Clink”).
  2. Dr. Dodman will be giving a seminar on dog (and cat) behavior in Pittsburgh next month. For details, visit ThePetDocs.Com website and look under Events.

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