‘Vet on Call’ by British TV Veterinarian Marc Abraham

Apparently I decided to be a veterinarian when I was only three years old after using a twig in the garden to successfully tease out a maggot from my pet tortoise Speedy's leg wound! From then on all I wanted to do was to help animals.

After my first few TV appearances as a veterinarian I realised how powerful and effective the media can be to help educate the millions of pet owners out there look after their pets better.

My biggest break in TV was being selected to give veterinary advice on a one hour obestiy special episode of It's Me Or The Dog with none other than the great Victoria Stilwell. Victoria and I had a lot of fun working together and we have remained firm friends ever since.

As a ’TV vet’ there is no such thing as a 'typical week'; varying from anything between being a locum veterinarian in a small animal practice, to filming a TV show about pets, to volunteering for an animal charity in the Mumbai Slums, Amazon Rainforest or Palestinian West Bank!

My most memorable adventure by far was going out to volunteer to help the dogs and cats in tsunami-hit Thailand. Flying out there, not knowing what to expect; from the moment I landed I began helping a charity rescue, treat and feed the strays left behind by all their deceased owners, and surrounded by such intense devastation and massive loss of life. An incredibly moving and life-changing few weeks that also illustrated - almost magically - the effect of pets can have on re-building a desperate community's spirit.

It’s always nice to be asked to front charities like Oldies Club that do such great work for animals but have little or no marketing budget (usually because all the money's spent looking after the animals as it should be!) By blogging, publicising, tweeting about them they can hopefully achieve greater exposure which means more money can potentially be raised to help their pets. Everyone's a winner!



Victoria and I at the Dogs Trust Honors Awards in London 2010

Last year I created PUP AID - the celebrity judged charity dog show and boutique music festival designed to raise awareness about the UK's cruel puppy mills. Promoting rescue pet adoption and responsible dog breeding practices PUP AID 2011 will once again take place at the beautiful grounds of Stanmer House in the Sussex countryside near Brighton in England on Sunday 18th September. A fun day out with a serious message means the more awareness that's raised, the quicker the demand stops and this evil trade will cease.

Vet on Call  is not like any other vet/pet title, as it describes - in great detail - life as an out of hours emergency vet which is very different from a small animal vet in a day practice. Routine vaccinations, worming and nail clips are replaced by road accidents, caesareans and gastric torsions!

I often visit schools to both educate and listen to what the pet-owners of the future want to know about animals, and to teach and share with them advice on choosing and looking after pets, helping wildlife and looking after our environment you can really make a difference. It's always a pleasure to do and it costs absolutely nothing.

My forthcoming iPhone app is another platform with which to educate and help dog owners give their dogs the best care. It not only contains short videos about looking after your dog (how to know when your dog's ill, emptying your dog's anal glands, etc), as well as fun games, vet locator, dog-friendly pub finder and much much more!

To order your copy of Vet on Call  today click here, and for more information about all of my projects please visit www.marcthevet.com or why not follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/marcthevet?

Happy reading!!

Marc the Vet x

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Positively Expert: Marc Abraham

Marc Abraham is a small animal veterinarian based in Brighton, UK. He regularly appears on UK television, radio, and in print. He is the author of "Vet on Call" and "Pets in Need" and uses his media work to promote animal welfare. Marc was voted the UK's Favourite Vet.


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  1. Jo Ann Gindville

    I have a puppy Shiba Inu who is almost 7 months old. She was completely potty trained very quickly, but now that the weather here is getting nicer (I live in a suburb outside of Chicago) she will go out and not pee and/or poop right away. I let her out twice this morning before leaving for errands and when I came back 2 hours later she had pooped while I was gone. I have been letting her out of her crate as she has stopped the puppy chewing thing and now I plan on putting her back in the crate all of the time as I know she will not mess in it, but how can I get her to do her business outside right away. When it was cold she always went as soon as she was put outside. Any help will be appreciated!!!

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