Unique Holiday Gifts for Techie Dog Lovers and Their Dogs

Photo: Telegraph UK (Corbis)

Photo: Telegraph UK (Corbis)

It's that time of year when we start shopping for holiday gifts for our friends and family, but have you remembered your 4-legged friends? In the past couple years, there have been some new inventions in the pet industry that will make your and your pets lives’ better.

Here is my list of some totally awesome and unique holiday gifts for dogs- and the humans that love them.

  • 1iCPooch – iCPooch allows you to keep in touch with your dog (or cat) from anywhere. You are allowed to connect through the internet and even deliver a treat to your pet from anywhere. Your pet can see you and you can see your pet through your cell phone or tablet. iCPooch was invented by Brooke Martin, a 12 year old entrepreneur, who saw a need to check in with her dog throughout the day. This is the perfect gift for any dog but a must for dogs with Separation Anxiety: www.iCpooch.com
  • Dog Collar Cam –This wonderful harness has an attachment for your GoPro type camera. What sets this product apart is that the camera is secure and the harness does not slip so you get a great shot every time, without the wobble that other less secure harnesses cause. It is2 fun to see what your dog sees as he adventures out on a walk or play session. Great for family pets as well as those who take part in dog sports. My dogs wear their Dog Collar Cam Harnesses on walks. It is fun to see the world from your dog’s point of view. Check out their holiday specials at www.dogcollarcam.com
  • iCalm – The iCalm is one of my favorites. This little device plays relaxing music produced by experts in the field of musical science. iCalm works wonders to help your dog relax and reduces anxiety. As a trainer I use it in class to help the dogs and puppies relax and learn 3easier in a new environment.  I tuck and iCalm in my jacket pocket when walking reactive dogs, and I always have it with me when I go to the vet with my client’s dogs and my own dogs.  The iCalm is also great for dogs that have anxiety issues at the groomer, while kenneled or when their owners are away. My dogs enjoy listening to their iCalm everyday while hanging out around the house. Find it here. 
  • Soggy Doggy Mats – These really are a gift for the pet owner, but I could not leave them out. Soggy Doggy mats will suck the water and mud off your dog’s feet, simply by walking 4on the mats. These mats absorbs 5 x more water than regular door mats. Cutting down on house cleaning = more time to play with your dog…….so maybe these are a great gift for your dog. www.soggydoggydoormats.com
  • Food Dispensing Toys – Dogs like to problem solve and use their brains to think and problem solve. If you feed your dog their meals from food dispensing toys, they will be happy and healthy, and smarter. Check out this one.
  • Toys – I don’t think a dog can ever have too many toys. Toys help dogs relieve stress, play and reduce stress and anxiety. Dogs love their “things” so make sure their toys are always available for them to play with. A nice toy box that is easily accessible for your dogs is a must to keep those toys corralled.
  • Chewys – Dogs need to chew, even after they are finished teething. Good safe chews include bully sticks and Himalayan bones. Avoid rawhides because they can become lodged in your dog’s intestines causing blockage. Some chews are too hard such as antlers and hooves and can break off the dog’s teeth.

Regardless of which gift you give to your dog, have a happy and fun holiday.

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