Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving with Pets

Pet Safe Thanksgiving Tips

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Making sure the turkey is cooked in time is stressful enough. The last thing anyone wants on Thanksgiving is to deal with an emergency, especially one dealing with your pups!

In an effort to help make your Thanksgiving holiday go extra smooth and stay pet safe, we're sharing a few tips and a few hazards to avoid during your family and pet friendly celebration.

Tips for a Successful Thanksgiving Holiday

Water, Water, Water Everywhere!
Make sure your pup's water bowl is always accessible and never empty. Frequently check it throughout the day to see if the water level is running low. Make sure to pay more attention if you have visiting pets for the holidays. TIP: Set up a few different water stations in your home and introduce your pets to them before guests arrive. This way if one water bowl is blocked or dry, your dog will have other hydration options.

A Tired Dog is a Calmer Dog
Before the festivities begin take your dog out on a long walk, go play fetch, or do any other fun activity that will let your dog expend some energy. A dog who has gotten plenty of exercise earlier in the day won't have as much built up for when the guests arrive.

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Thanksgiving Hazards for Pets to Avoid

Food Wrappings
Your dog may be attracted to the remnants of fragrant and flavorful Thanksgiving leftovers on the aluminum foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap. Not only might these bits of food be harmful to your dog, but if the food wrappings are consumed, they can cause intestinal blockages, so make sure the wrappings make it securely into the trash.

Guests With Good Intentions
Don't expect your friends and family to be knowledgeable about what and what isn’t safe for your pets to eat. Don’t be afraid to educate them on safety hazards. TIP: Make or purchase festive pet safe holiday treats or Pup Pies and encourage your guests to give them to your dog instead of table scraps.

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Cooked bones can be brittle and sharp and can easily get stuck in your dog’s intestines. Turkey bones are especially dangerous because they are hollow and break easily, so don't be tempted to give your pup a Turkey bone as a special treat. TIP: Use the bones for an after Thanksgiving soup broth instead!

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