The Charge of the Right Brigade

Fortunately there’s lots of good news around these days about positive dog training methods.  Note: positive does not equate with permissive; it involves setting limits, having reasonable expectations, paying attention to and helping a dog achieve desired behaviors, rewarding such behaviors and ignoring (or tsk-tsking) unwanted or objectionable behaviors.

Yes, the yin-yang approach of reward versus a tsk-tsk (or uh-uh) is a powerful way to coach a dog to understand what you mean and want him to do.  Negative punishment, by which a reward is withheld, plays an important role, too.  [“The opposite of reward is not physical punishment, it is no reward”].

dodman-rustydogVictoria’s approach is the right one and, thank heavens, she has the platform to promote it widely.  Notice that her bloggers are all of the same mentality and try as best they can, through whatever outlets are available to them, to spread the good word.

In that connection, I unashamedly promote my next gig at the Pasadena Humane Society and Shelter.  It’s coming up next month (see www.ThePetDocs.Com for details) and the early bird cutoff is almost upon us (some extensions granted for readers of this blog, of course).  Although my approach tends to be more medical-behavioral than most – e.g. the influence of thyroid and diet on behavior, chemical imbalances, genetic influences on behavior, and mood stabilization techniques (and so on) – it compliments what my illustrious co-bloggers are advising and blends well with other behavioral reshaping programs.

Training is an important component of what I advise and essential to overall lifestyle enhancement.  Exercise, diet, clear communication, proper leadership, environmental enrichment are also vital components in achieving a well-adjusted dog that will be a trusting and loyal companion for years to come.  Each will be addressed in my presentations as will specific behavior problem management.

Though some think might is right, I think of it the other way round, right is might.

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Positively Expert: Nicholas Dodman

Dr. Dodman is one of the world's most noted and celebrated veterinary behaviorists, an acclaimed author of four books, and a regular lecturer. Dr. Dodman has written 5 highly acclaimed books and has authored two textbooks and more than 150 scientific articles and book chapters. He appears regularly on radio and television.


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