The Adventure Continues

Dog training is sometimes a Mystery.  I work daily with the Devil Dog on Sit Down Stay and COME. The DD will be one year old on Friday 13 April. I still don’t have these command done.  At times I just want to cuss; then there are times when I think maybe she is getting it. We train every day on the basics, and still I want to just cuss.

Today  I want to  relay another Devil Dog story to allow y’all to share in my pain. Yesterday I loaded all four dogs into my truck for a afternoon of running at the farm. As I drove out of the driveway it started to rain, but I had brought towels for the ride home I was prepared.   As I turned into the gate at the farm I heard all this growling, barking, screaming and weird noises from the dogs -  the noise sounded like a busload of first graders stopping at the Dairy Queen for free blizzards -- they were excited.

I opened the door to the truck, Star took off running, Lucille found a hole to dig and Maggie ran to gather the cows. I being the smart one had DD on a leash.  I walked around my new barn looking at the new electrical plugs that were installed today. I wondered what kind of lights to use in the barn. I walked DD around the fence line; checking for holes, loose wire, and picking up sticks.  Rain had started by now and all dogs were double wet as they had taken turns jumping into the cows' water tub.

After an hour or so  I spread towels in the seat of truck, loaded up Star in the front seat and Maggie and Lucille in the back. As I loaded DD into the back seat a cow walked by the door of the truck. DD jumped from the seat, jerking me to the ground. While on my way to “kiss the dirt”  I hit my ‘good ‘ knee on the corner of the truck door, laying in cow poop, water, and sheep poop;  I looked under the truck to see DD chasing the cows. Once before she had chased the cows into the barn thru a fence and over me, causing me to ram my head into the doorway of the small barn. Visions of that bloody incident  came flooding back, but I some how managed to get up on my feet.

DD  was running as fast as the wind after the cows, thank heaven the cows were in the open and not headed for a fence.  DD is flying over the pasture  but right on her back end was Buddy the Llama, who has in past KILLED dogs that have attacked livestock. Now in my younger years I was a pretty good athlete, able to run with the best, sprint with the wind, and turn on a dime. But somewhere along the way ’LIFE’ has taken me to a different athletic realm. I struggled to get up then realized my knee would not work with out me screaming multiple cuss words. I ran behind Buddy who was chasing DD  who was chasing the cows, only if some one could have videoed this from the road where cars were passing and honking. I was yelling (cuss words) lay down! But DD kept on running the cows straight at the new barn and new fence I had spent the past two weeks building. Buddy making weird Llama sounds right in behind and the two goats and one ram sheep  are now running wildly around me and Buddy.

Can you say “CIRCUS”! with lots of yelling and cussing.

Finally DD sees me as she turns the cows into the newly fenced pasture I have a stick, leash in my hands and covered in sheep and cow poop. What I looked like must have scared the dickens out of her as she ran an jumped into the cow trailer. GOT YA! I  screamed as I  slammed the end gate   But no, that was just a shortcut to the cows on the other side. Buddy now was right behind me spitting growling and stomping his feet.

The cows were now approaching the new barn and  new fence; they were about to stop running; when DD comes from under the truck and dive bombs into them biting and barking, THRU the new fence the cows  go. AND DD then runs to the truck gets in the back seat , sits there with this look on her face of ‘My job is finished here’.

I, on the other hand, was out of breath, smelled like sheep, cow, and llama crap, wet, jeans torn where I had hit my good knee on the bottom edge of truck door, blood running down from my knee into my shoe, leash wrapped around my neck, and a llama over my shoulder  I thought to my self…. Dog training is tough and some times you just got to laugh to keep from crying. I managed to limp to the truck driver's side and slid behind steering wheel  and think to my self. This adventure is becoming a comedy.

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Positively Expert: Bill McFarlin

Bill and his dog Star are the National Spokesman for the American Brittany Rescue, and were contestants on the CBS reality show "Greatest American Dog." Bill has been training dogs for over 20 years, and enjoys teaching his dogs sports like agility, herding, and frisbee. He and his wife are active volunteers in the dog rescue community.


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