Teaching A Deaf and Blind Dog to Sit

Training in general can be difficult and there are always varying sources and opinions. When it comes to training a deaf and blind dog, there is very little information available.

This video is a simple how-to when it comes to training a deaf and blind dog to sit. Keep in mind that the "tap" you'll see in the video is a gentle touch used only to communicate intent.

As with any training session, always keep it simple, short, and positive. Involve a lot of treats and reward frequently!  Training is a great way to strengthen the bond with your dog, as well as boost their confidence and keep them safe!

Training should be a fun experience for both you and your dog. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break. If you find that your dog is not understanding, lessen the criteria, even just by luring your dog into different positions with a treat. You want to set your dog up for success!

This video features Braille, the 5 month old Double Merle Australian Shepherd. 

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Positively Expert: Amanda Fuller

Amanda, with her dog Keller, are deaf dog advocates, doing everything they can to remove the stigma around owning special need pets. Do you know what a double merle is? Amanda can tell you.


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