Take Your Dog to Work (Without Getting Fired!)

TAKE YOUR DOG TOJune 24th, 2016 is Take Your Dog to Work Day! If you are like me and feel guilty leaving your dog at home when you go to work, today is the perfect day to celebrate the fact that you can take them with you!

Here are a few ideas on how to make Take Your Dog to Work Day a success:

1) Bring a Dog Bed:

Don’t forget that your pet will need a place to relax throughout the long workday. Bring a dog bed that fits into your office, but provides enough cushion so that your dog will be comfortable during a long nap.

2) Bring a Baby Gate:

If you don’t have an office with a closed door, it might be a good idea to bring a baby gate so that your dog isn’t distracting your co-workers throughout the day. Although many people won’t mind a few visits, you don’t want your dog to pay a visit to the wrong person at the wrong time.

3) Beware of Wires:

Almost all offices are full of wires these days. If your dog chews on wires, make sure they are out of reach or simply keep them out of those areas (like underneath your desk).

4) Bring a Water Dish:

Much like you, your dog will get thirsty throughout the day. Don’t forget to bring a water bowl and water dish to your office. There are several pop-up water dishes that are great for travel!

5) Bring a Toy and Some Treats:

Eight hours is a long time. It won’t seem like much for you because you put in your eight hours every day. However, your dog might get bored at some point during the day so be prepared with toys and treats to keep them entertained.

6) Be Prepared to Clean Up:

I never leave the house without poop bags, and I never bring Rooney to a new indoor place without bringing a towel and some carpet cleaner. Rooney is potty trained, so I don’t have to worry about those kinds of accidents. However, he can get sick at new locations if he eats something weird off the ground. Whenever you take your pup to a new location, there are a lot of variables out of your control, and if your dog is curious like mine, it is always good to be prepared.

Unfortunately, not all buildings allow pets inside, so there are some pet parents who simply can’t bring their dog with them to work to celebrate. So here are some other ways to celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day:

1) Take Your Dog to Daycare: 

Bring your dog along for the daily commute and have them spend the day at the nearby doggy day care. Although they won’t be able to be with you in your office, they are getting the chance to spend some extra time with you!

2) Take Your Dog for A Walk at Lunch:

If you live close to where you work, spend your lunch hour with your dog enjoying a nice walk. Not only are you spending more time with your dog, but you are also working in some extra exercise!

3) Take Your Dog on an Outing Before or After Work:

If you can’t bring your dog with you, why not take them out for an extra activity? For example, (permitting the weather is appropriate) you could take them for a hike, a jog, or to the local dog park.

No matter your situation, please don’t forget this day is all about spending some extra time with your dog outside the house. Tell us in the comments below, how you will be celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day!

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Positively Expert: Rachel Sheppard

Rachel Sheppard is the author and founder of My Kid Has Paws. She is a Social Media Manager, blogger, animal lover, volunteer, graduate student, and shoe collector.


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