Some Days It’s the Reward That Count$

Several months ago the clothes Dryer died! In our home the dryer is what warms up my clothes when I have to put them  on in the early and cold days that I have to go to work. I chunk my T shirts and long un-d-es in there to take the chill off.  My work requires me to be out all hours and up at weird hours I work outdoors all year long. So any comfort is appreciated.

There are usually a bunch of hairy-legged guys on the job site, Most of the time there is always some cuttin' up going on. But one thing that we really cut up about is money found on the ground ; a penny a dime OH! find a quarter ; some one is going to dance around acting goofy. We call this found money  'bonus money"!

I had the morning off so I made the trip to the appliance store to buy the best dryer I could afford. Back home I took the new dryer from the bed of my truck, slid it in to the garage. Now it was time to remove the old dead dryer that had given me so many years of warmth and comfort.   As I moved the dryer from the wall I found several coins on the floor, yahoo. I just cut the cost of the new dryer. As I removed the dryer hose I heard more coins, I shook the hose; like a slot machine more coins came rolling out.  I stood and did a little 'wiggle dance' Not much room between the wall and the dead dryer for a fat ole guy to dance; so it was a stand an wiggle around dance.

Then back to work removing the dryer. Moving the ole dead thing to the garage I heard more change falling out. More money in my pocket!!.  As I got the ole dryer to the tail gate of my truck I lifted it up. I heard a fortune hit the floor of the garage!!! Now I aint cheap but a few extra dollars in my pocket will buy me something REAL nice at the local sports department.

I gathered up all the coins up. I found a huge empty coffee can.  Before long I had the can half full. I shook the ole dead thing as hard as I could. I am sure my neighbors were watching and thinking "there is one more reason  that ole man needs some professional help."
I finally decided that there was not any more coins as I sat on the tail gate of  my truck trying not to have a heart attack from shaking the ole dead dryer. I loaded the dead dryer into my truck, then finished installing my NEW shiny, with lots of buttons, dryer. I had made a deal with the appliance store to leave the ole dryer on their loading dock that night.

My wife and I decided to dine out that night She slid in to the passenger seat saying " where are you going to with the old dryer?" I explained that we were leaving it on the loading dock and that we would do that before we ate. I backed my truck up to the loading dock lowered the tail gate; then slid the ole dead dryer on the dock, As I did more coins fell out  I gathered them up till I filled my pockets, Stood there for a long time pondering the situation.

As we drove away my wife asked ' Why did you load the dryer back on the truck?" I made some lame excuse that I needed a part off of the old dryer to make the new dryer work.
The next morning with tools in hand I began to disassemble the old dryer. I found more money By now my coffee can is full; I  now have a second can.  As I removed more parts I found more and more coins.  Finally I reached the  point that I had ole dead parts all over the garage!  I sat back looking at two large coffee cans of coins!! WoW

I started to reassemble the old dryer thinking to myself ' this has been a great adventure!' and profitable too! When the last bolt was in place I slid the ole thang to the tail gate of my truck picked it up .......and heard that lovely sound of coins hitting the ground again!  My ship as finally came in!!!
I could not part with the old dead dryer so I sat it by the garage for several weeks  until my wife told me 'It is beginning to look like a red neck lives here'.  With $ 58.32 in coins I got from this ole dryer I just could not bring my self to discard it. I had become addicted to shaking and receiving a reward. That Wednesday I was mowing the yard, a old pickup pulled into the drive way, I greeted the two guys and found that they were in the business of picking up old appliances.. They gave me $15.00 to haul off my ole dead dryer ;bringing my total income to $ 73.32!!! !

By now you are wondering what in the world this Dryer story has to do with 'dogs' ??  I entered Lucille in an agility event for two days $60.00  food at the event $11.50  and leaving me with some positive pocket change of $1.82.

The moral of this story is to show you that being  - consistent - patient- and thinking outside the box with a positive reinforcement of coins I was able to overcome the situation just like dog training . (And if the Olympics ever have a dryer shaking contest I am sure I will get the gold.)

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Positively Expert: Bill McFarlin

Bill and his dog Star are the National Spokesman for the American Brittany Rescue, and were contestants on the CBS reality show "Greatest American Dog." Bill has been training dogs for over 20 years, and enjoys teaching his dogs sports like agility, herding, and frisbee. He and his wife are active volunteers in the dog rescue community.


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