Should You Think Twice About That Christmas Puppy?

DSC_7168Thinking about getting a puppy for Christmas?

First, make sure you are ready for a 10-20 year commitment and can afford the money that it takes to raise a happy and secure dog. If all that is worked out, then you want to do your research to make sure you pick out the right breed for your family. What does that mean? Your activity level, the amount of grooming this breed will require and the amount of food it will take to feed him, etc.

Then the last thing is choosing where to get your puppy. You should first check with your local shelters to see if there is a puppy there that will fit well into your family. If not, then find a reputable breeder. Here's more info on “how to find a reputable breeder.

Please remember, puppies are for their life. Please consider all aspects of getting a puppy before taking on such a large commitment. If you have decided to get a puppy for Christmas here is a short list of what they will need!

The Super Seven Puppy Needs:

  1. Puppies need Obedience Training using Positive Reinforcement. Training at a young age, starts the puppies off on the right paw. When they know what to do and you can communicate to them in a way they understand, they are happy to please. Remember, Positive Reinforcement is the only training needed for puppies, or any dog.
  2. Puppies need to be crate trained. For learning good potty habits, as well as for comfort. Dogs are den animals and they like to feel safe. To have their own place they can get to anytime of the day, when they feel afraid, tired or just needs a break, gives them comfort and security. For traveling and emergencies, like a shelter or a vet overnight stay, they are more comfortable.
  3. Socialization is very important for little puppies. Their world is wide open and they will embrace all types of noise and things, people and other dogs during this very critical stage. The more they are introduced to before 4 months of age, the happier, secure and more confident the puppies will feel throughout their lives.
  4. Puppies need a really good healthy food for a great start. I always tell my clients, if you can get it at a grocery store or a department store, it is most likely notthe highest quality of food. Make sure you are giving your puppy a good, balanced real meat diet. Getting started on a high quality food is very important to strengthen their bones, their digestive system and their coats. Cleaning the water and food bowls daily with soap and water and keeping your food in a sealed container keeps your food fresh and bug free.
  5. Vet Visits and Handling the puppy is very important. Giving your puppies’ medical attention and wellness visits will ensure healthy growth. Handling your puppy while they are young will help keep them calm while visiting their vet and they may even learn to enjoy their vet visits. Touch their paws, open their mouths, look into their ears and massage them all over. Everything you can do at this age won’t be a big surprise, when it is needed at the vet.
  6. Mental and Physical Exercise is very important for puppies. Puzzle toys, chew toys, treat balls and a daily walk for physical exercise, promotes healthy brain and healthy bone growth.

Paws UP for Positive Training

Mary Phillips, Treat Me Right, Positive Canine Training, A Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer

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Positively Expert: Mary Phillips

Mary Phillips has a Psychology degree and is a certified Victoria Stillwell Positively Dog Trainer. She resides with her husband and 2 IG’s, Diamond & Toby in Florida.


One thought on “Should You Think Twice About That Christmas Puppy?

  1. mjh2901

    A puppy is nothing to jump into. However I would have loved my current puppy to be ready for me for christmas. Christmas puppy means I have 2 weeks of paid time off from work to do all the things puppies need, added bonding time. My valentines puppy was ready 11 weeks after luckily I was able to take a week off when he came home. For the responsible owner a Holliday puppy can be a positive. Just they have to be born in October.

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