Reflections From Pet Parents for the New Year

bench-sea-sunny-man-largeReaders and Facebook fans offer for 2016 for pets:

“My goal is to give my rescued Great Pyrenees the opportunity to be a therapy dog,” N.S.K, St. Charles, IL.

“After hearing your podcast about Vets for Pets, I resolve to find a way to support service dogs for veterans with post traumatic stress disorder,” S., S., Highland Park, IL .

“I will have my dogs groomed on a more regular basis,” L.G.M., Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

“I will bathe and groom my Standard Poodle girls more frequently, and treat them to an occasional professional spa day,” D.K., Lombard, IL.

“I will give my dog a bath more often, and for that matter give myself a bath more often,” V. C., Henderson, NV.

“We need to educate those in office in our cities and towns that we need pro-active programs for our feral kitties. Killing them is not the answer. Education, TNR (trap, neuter, return), and safe havens for them to live out their lives is the answer. M.A. Wichita, KS.

“Jack wants to finally catch that jerk of a squirrel who taunts him constantly,” S..R., Denver, CO.

“I hope to help the Winn Feline Foundation ( , (a non-profit that funds cat health studies) to support studies for FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). G., Loudon, TN.

“I resolve to keep up the fight to end the senseless declawing of cats; the practice is barbaric, inhumane and offers no benefit to the cat,” S. A. P., Streator, IL.

“Scout and I plan on learning a ton of new, unique, impressive tricks in the new year. Both of us plan on helping out homeless pets,” C.G., Chicago, IL.

“I resolve to spend more time playing with and exercising the dogs and getting them (and me) into better shape. we're all a little too sedentary,” S B., Lawrence, KS

“My purr-pose in 2016 is working on getting the cat rescue and sanctuary off the ground so we can help more special cats and kittens in need,” A. B., Burns Harbor, IN 

“To get my dream built, a much-needed Humane Society of Elkhart County,” S. K., Elkhart, IN. 

“I will be rescuing or adopting a dog,” J. B. D., Dwight, IL

“I resolve to rescue more cats,” C. J., Springfield, IL.

“We intended to adopt a dog in 2016 after losing one of our two senior Beagles this year. While visiting the SPCA Puerto Vallarta in early December, we fell in love with a little eight-month old female poodle. She is now a part of our family!” C.M.,Las Vegas, NV & Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

“Spend more quality time with each pet, and take the time to appreciate their unique qualities, instead of bemoaning cleaning the litter box again!” B.A.F, Des Plaines, IL.

“I resolve to continue with our daily walks and playtime with our dog, Nellie,” P.B., Channahon, IL.

“I will continue working with little Nina, especially by having more people she doesn't know come into our home,” C.T. Edmonton, AB, Canada.

“I hope to keep writing about cat and dog safety, providing for your pets in your will and a myriad of other things pet owners need to know. And attempt to spoil my 16-year-old cat, Aimee, as much as she spoils me.” D. A., Framingham, MA.

“Spoil my soon-20-year-old cat, Seren, extravagantly,” A. S., Sherman, TX

“Encourage all responsible pet owners to identify someone who will love and care for their pets should anything happen to them. More than 500,000 pets are orphaned every year simply because their human passed away or became too ill to care for them. Free resources available at” A. S., Franklin, TN.

“To make time to compete with Journey at least once a month in agility,” S. H., Chicago, IL.

“I resolve to continue to foster the old and 'unadoptable' babes,” S. D., Nanaimo, B.C., Canada.

“Continue being a voice for wildlife, which has no voice. And to continue to work with dogs and cats in a positive proactive manner that their lives are enriched through our better understanding of behavior.” M. W., Niles, IL.

“To have my dog finish his certification for therapy dog training,” L.K. Brick, NJ.

“Blanket the United States with information on spay/neuter and find ways to finance the surgeries at low cost clinic.” S.W.M., Pollocksville, NC.

“Fostering homeless dogs, again,” L. B., Rolling Meadows, IL.

“No more dry kibble cat food. It’s so bad for them, it should be illegal,” C. W., Bristol, IN

“To give each and every animal as much unconditional love as they give to us! N.M.H., Chicago, IL.

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